Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Has Sprung with China Glaze's Up & Away

The sun is shining brighter and the birds are chirping. It must be Springtime! China Glaze has a new collection called Up & Away. These colors will have you floating with glee because they're so bright and represent the season so well; all while leaving your nails looking candy coated.

"Happy Go Lucky" is a sunny yellow with a hint of warmth. This color is ideal for a girl who wants to leave a luminous impression on everyone she meets. The polish applies well and requires only two coats. The first coat is thick but will leave behind transparent specs.

Conversely, the second coat will complete the look - making the polish appear solid, shiny and bright. The polish is thick, so there's no need to worry about having a runny nail polish application.

If you have ever been curious about wearing turquoise on your nails, then "Flyin' High" is great for first timers. It is bold, yet not too flashy. You're sure to represent spring time on your nails with this color.

I've always been a fan of China Glaze's nail brushes because they apply so well. This allows you to make an even coat the first time. Though the golden rule of nail polish application is to apply two coats, you could really apply just one coat if need be. The wide brushes and thick color makes this a possibility. A bottle usually retails at $5.99 and up, but from now until the end of March, you'll be able to get 2 polishes for only $10 - on sale at!

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  1. O que dizem se pudessem espalhar beleza e romantismo no II Encontro Nacional de Blogueiros no Porto, na próxima noite de sábado, 27 de Março?

    Considerem-se convidadas!



  2. i luv how glossy and candylike the colors are. they look hwot

  3. ive heard girls say alot of good things about up and away colors but seein and hearin are two diff things but my ? is did you have to use a clear polish to get that shine and let us know if the color dulls after a few days

  4. Hi Ladies & Gent

    China Glaze's Up & Away collection is on fire this season! Who knew that nail lacquers could look so JUICY & candylike?! @ Raenah I may not be able to answer your question but I hope this helps...

    My exact words to SHESINGSLOVELY were: "just by looking at the bottle I couldn't have imagine that the colors would look so beautiful on brown skin - especially the yellow! I'm in awe with Happy Go Lucky. I think that should be your (SHESINGSLOVELY) color of the moment"

    Any polish from this collection is definitely worth Buying and trying! Plus you can get 2 for $10 at Sally Beauty (just click on the link in the post to take advantage of it). I'd like to try on the Minty Green and Lavender colors :)

  5. Cupcakez_N_ShakezMarch 20, 2010 at 4:13 PM

    me likeeeey china glaze
    colours lQQk like paint and melted candy
    soo hard to find pretty polishez
    ne who howdo u subscrib to this blog?

  6. I think you did a pretty good job capturing this collection. Definitely considering snagging the blue and maybe yellow…

  7. Your pics are great. Next time it will be nice to see the whole collection ;)

  8. @ Raenah I did not put on any clear nail polish. So the shine you see is from the polish itself. I wore the polish for a couple of days and I did not notice it get dull.

  9. Love this collection and can’t decide which is better liked, China Glaze always have beautiful colors. Surprisingly, Happy Go Lucky - I can’t beleive how drawn I am to this shade of yellow but I love it and would wear it on my toes, it’s very bright but who cares…

    Love, LOVE, love Flyin High… very pretty on you.

    Flyin High is a gorgeous sky blue and even the pinks and reds in this collection are very tempting to wear for all the real reasons, LOL

    I wonder how China Glaze's summer collection will measure up to this one or better yet O.P.I.'s summer collection. My China Glaze addiction is going to get me in trouble.

  10. Great swatches, thanks!

    can you do a review of the poolside collection b/c im a whore for nail polishes who cant get enough and i want to see how the colors look like before i buy from the poolside collection. finding the right polish is usually a long process for me b/c i hate spending $$ on polishes that look one way online but another when on your nails.

  11. nail polishes are my life :) i live for colors!! sometimes it not about how expensive a polish or exclusive a brand is - it all boils down to the quality and color and thats why china glaze ranks as one of my top 5. noticed how many companies are displaying only pastels for spring but china glaze mixed it up with pastels and brights. not everyone's into pastels. just because its springtime doesnt mean we are color blind

    oh before i forget the poolside collection should be out soon. i know you will like it

  12. I may b ea little late but i just joined the nail mani & pedi club. i <3 the colors. Have you evr tried mixing up the polishes to invent a new color imagine the colors you wuld come up with. Do you do designs erquest if so can you do a post remaking Beonce's nails on the "telephone" video?

  13. @ALL LACQURED UP - the poolside looks gorgeous. I can't wait to try it.

    @SmileyD - I'll look into nail designs, and see what I come up with. As far as mixing colors. I often mix colors. I like make my base coat dark and put a light coat on top. It adds and extra depth to the color :o)


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