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How to: Use Colored Mascara

Green, yellow, pink, blue, plum, red... Sounds like I’m describing a rainbow but I’m actually talking about mascara. Since my post on blue eyeshadow, it has been requested that I talk about colored mascaras, which are a huge summer trend. I love requests (hint! hint!) and fun makeup trends are one of the things that “make my world go ‘round”, so here are my tips and ticks.

Apart from the obvious way of applying colored mascara – using it as you would a regular black or brown one, coating all your lashes - there are a few more ways in which I like to wear color on my lashes. For instance, why not try to only use the colored mascara on your bottom lashes? It’s the ideal way of rocking this trend if you are just starting out on the whole colored lashes world, it can be work appropriate, and is a lot more forgiving in the sense that you can go seriously wild with you color and not looking like it’s Halloween. Speaking of wild colors, Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo in Green is a really good choice if you ask me. If you like this application method, the black part can be used in you top lashes and the colored end on you lower lashes. You'll save yourself some time by not having to look for two mascara tubes in your drawers. However, if you choose to wear mascara this way remember not to coat your bottom lashes all the way to the end because you risk getting the spidery look.

Another very interesting way of using colored mascara is just coating the base if your upper lashes with color and coat the ends with your regular black mascara. This gives a particularly interesting result when you use a color that brings your eye color out. If you have green eyes, try purple or plum mascara; for blue eyes, try golden or any warm red-based tones; for brown or hazel, try pink or blue. If you use a dark shade of the color you chose, it will be a very subtle effect but people will notice your eye color standing out a lot more and they won’t really know why is that. Well, a girl has got to have her secrets, right? Take a look at Big Fatty Mascara Colored Mascara. The have some deep shades that will look very pretty.

Finally, a very popular way of using colored mascara is to only coat the tips of your upper lashes. It will give you hint of color and fun without being overwhelming. Blue will make the white of your eyes look whiter so it will cancel some traces of tiredness. Good for those nights you didn’t get much sleep (for all the right reasons, I hope). Have you ever tried BADgal Blue by Benefit? It's a true blue that leaves your lashes glossy and fun.

Sometimes colored mascaras have little color pay off. I personally suggest that you try the mascara on your arm hairs before you buy it to see if it’s worth it. However, if you bought one already and it isn’t quite what you expected it would be, try priming you lashes with a white lash primer (the ones on those double ended mascaras will work fine) and then carefully apply the colored mascara, making sure the white primer isn’t showing.

(Disclaimer: if you sell or manufacture colored mascaras, please don’t hate me for the next paragraph.) For a more DIY mascara, what you can do is purchase a transparent mascara, carefully load the wand with the product, swirl it really well in makeup eye safe pigment, apply and then clean the bush with warm water and soap. Loading your mascara wand at first is important because you won’t be able to double dip your wand if you want the mascara to remain clear for other uses. Though this technique can be a little tricky, it’s specially good if you just want to try and see how would you look with bright colored lashes and aren’t really willing to shed a lot of money for a mascara that you may never wear. If you decide colored mascara isn’t for you, you can always use the clear mascara simply as a tool to tame your lashes and help them curl or as a brow gel. Take a look at Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow.

Did you end up buying a brightly colored mascara and hated it? Be nice and give it to your daughter or niece so she can have super fun and bright hair highlights that will come out when she washes her hair. All she has to do (or her mom, if she's too little) is select a thin section of hair and carefully run the wand on it for a couple of times. Let it dry well and then brush to remove any lumps. Repeat if necessary. On the next day or so, when she washes her hair, no more highlights and no damaged hair. As you see, everything has a solution!

Whatever you do, have fun with your makeup! Will you be adopting a splash of color in you lashes this spring and summer or are you still uncertain? Let me know in the comments.

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