Saturday, March 20, 2010

Luxury High-End New Anti-Aging Creams

You may be really concerned about skin aging; either you're looking to buy a really great present for your mother or mother-in-law or you're just plain curious about what’s new in the anti-aging products world like I am. No matter your motivation to be looking for these high-end luxury products, be sure to do your research before you buy and sit tight before you see their price.

Brand: Carita
Name: Diamant de Beauté
About it: Anti-aging luxury cream for the face to be used between 40 and 55 years of age.
How it works: Helps to rebuild your skin cells and damaged tissue from the inside. It has “sequoia complex” to restore the matrix that naturally surrounds the skin cells and makes skin denser. It also has diamond and tourmaline extracts that illuminates the skin and reduces dark spots. This product includes a new type of collagen that rebalances the skin structure and proteins. The texture is extremely rich. Carita claims that the skin will look like it’s reborn, firmer, smoother, denser and luminous.
Price: $600 for 1.69oz

Brand: La Prairie
Name: Anti-aging Day Cream SPF 30
About it: Day cream to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protect from UVA/UVB rays. The brand usually recomends it for people on their 20's and over because it also acts as protection and prevention.

How it works: This cream is meant to help delay the effects of aging, preventing as well as repairing the skin. Essentially, it works because Resveratrol, the longevity anti-oxidant, protects against Free Radicals and because it stimulates collagen production while protecting skin against collagen and protein damage.

Price: $200 for 1.70oz

Brand: LancĂ´me
Name: Absolute Precious Cells

About it: A whole line of care for the face to be used from 50 years of age and on.

How it works: Until recently, it was very common to state that the number of the skin’s stem cells became lower and lower as people aged. Today, however, it was found that they don’t magically disappear; what happens is that they simply stop working because their surrounding environment is degraded. This cream works exactly on this surrounding environment, so to say, making it perfect for the cells to keep working and renew themselves.

Price: Day cream retails for $145 for 1.7oz

Brand: Dior

Name: Capture Totale Instant Rescue Eye Treatment

About it: Eye contour cream from the Capture Totale line to be used after 45 years of age.

How it works: Around the eyes, sagging, swelling and dark circles are the most common signs of aging skin. That’s why Dior created this new eye cream with a massaging applicator. The massage helps to reduce swelling while making sure the product penetrates well on the skin. The product itself inverts the protein oxidation of the eye contour skin. It should be applied morning and night.

Price: $95 for 0.51oz. on the Dior Website

Brand: Clarins

Name: Multi-Active Day

About it: Day facial cream to fight early wrinkles after 30 years of age.

How it works: The skin suffers from stress everyday. Even if you’re not stressed yourself, pollution, air conditioning and going out in the sun without sunscreen can and will damage your skin. This particular cream works because of its anti-oxidant properties, SPF 15 and because it makes the dermo-epidermic junction stronger. A stronger skin will resist better to all aggressions. It comes in three different forms depending on your skin type and preferences: rich cream (for dryer skin), cream (for normal/combination skin) and gel (for oilier skin).

Price: $54 1.7 fl.oz on the Clarins Website

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