Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Micky's Guide to Shoe Shopping (Re-Post)

If you ask me about fashion, I'll tell you that there’s nothing I love more right now than makeup, the pinup look and maxi dresses. But if you want to talk about my obsession then it's not even a contest. I love Shoes. Honestly I'd be afraid to try to guess, let alone count, how many pairs I own. It's a number between frightening and obscene. I love shoes and personally, red shoes are my favorites. Right now I’m loving these red and plum Lourdes Heels

Imagine you just fell in love with a pair of Little Ms. Perfects in Turquoise and you loose your mind and buy them. . Then the next day you put them on and they hurt your feet. What do you do? Desperate times call for desperate measures. You can try to put a strong moisturising cream on them and then put them on. If your shoes are real leather, the cream will give elasticity to the leather it will mould to the shape of your feet. Or you can try putting them on while wearing wet pantyhose. Be careful not to slip and fall though. This will make even the sturdier pumps into a fairly comfortable shoe.

However, you never want to have to resort to this technique unless you have to. Remember that when you're trying on new shoes, you should wear the same kind of socks you’ll wear if you buy them. Some women will only try on shoes towards the end of the day, because your feet are usually more swollen. The problem with that is, if you spent the day shopping, walked miles and miles and that is not how much you usually walk, then don’t try any shoes on that day. You can end up buying up to two sizes too big and not wearing them anymore because they’re too big. While in the store, try the shoe on your larger foot first (usually the opposite to the side of the hand you write with), walk around with both shoes on, wiggle your toes and stand for a while. Shoes like this Josie Heel in Pink are great for standing even before breaking them in.

Stay Comfortable While You Shop:

It's also important to remember that if you are going to be out and about all day try to wear something comfortable. Although the Josie Heels are stylish and comfortable you might be better off wearing flats. If you're into flats but find your self going through some of the least expensive ones like pantyhose then you have to invest in some solid Kelsi Dagger Ladonna Flats They're available in a couple of different fun colors but the Gold/Yellow and the Green are my personal faves.

Shoes For Life:

When I buy a pair of shoes, I see myself wearing them for years to come, so maintenance is really important. For leather and varnish shoes, you want to clean them with a soft, dry cloth after every use. That's especially recommended if they just came into contact water or wore them in the rain. For suede shoes use a clean baby toothbrush as an inexpensive tool to keep the little hairs brushed and perfect. Oh, and buy appropriate storage for them. Don’t keep them in cardboard boxes since the humidity that gets in can damage your shoes. Even if they're high quality leather like these Purple Naughty Monkey Cotton Tail Heels, they are still susceptible to the ravages of humidity.

Dress Them Up:
Shoes, are the ultimate accessories, and they can make or break an outfit. The style you choose has to blend with the style of your clothing, otherwise it will just seem wrong. However, you can play with colour. Either make the colour of your shoes blend in with the rest of your outfit or go for a contrasting colour. Now is the time to go wild and make a fashion statement.

Stand Tall:
If you want to look taller remember that, pointed toe shoes like these Poetic Licence Tease Pointed Toe Shoes can elongate your legs, and if they have a heel, they can do so even more. A disclaimer on pointed toe shoes. If the point of your shoe is fairly big, then, overtime, it is likely to break or bend up. It won’t look good and probably you’ll never wear them again. To avoid this happening to you stuff the front of your shoes with some cotton balls or newspaper before you wear them for the first time and keep it there. You won’t alter the feel of the shoe but it will be a far more resistant shoe.

The Booty Bounce
One last disclaimer if you're going with high heels, “The average increase in the protrusion of a woman's buttocks is 25% when she wears high heels” says Harper's Index. Better than surgery, hu? See: "Booty Injections gone wrong"

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"


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