Saturday, March 6, 2010

Boot Cut: Cesare Paciotti- Brown Tall Women's Boots (77% OFF)

Cesare Paciotti brown tall Womens boots (CPW120B)

The Diva Hour launched last night on, but not even Philly Diva would sneeze at the former price tage of these extremely high end Cesare Paciotti- Brown Tall Womens Boots. When you hear the name Cesare Paciotti, think Master Craftsman. I often say that I would never proceed to tell Van Gogh how to paint or Michangelo how to sculpt, so I won't even try to write a clever description for these boots. I'll only tell you that when I first saw them in the fall they were $950. Yes I did just say I was shopping for $1,000 shoes. The only reason I didn't buy them was because I was saving up for the Rolls Convertible- LOL. No seriously, 1K on a single pair of boots is alot of money. That's why I'm glad I waited. Because right now has the very same pair of Cesare Paciotti Boots, marked down to $215 during their winter clearance sale. That might still sound a little rich for your blood, but you can't beat that price for a pair of boots, so priceless. By now you already know by the tone of this post whether or not these boots are for you. So if the are Click Here to visit: and grab them.

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