Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If I Were A Rich Girl Contest Winner Announced!!!

I'd like to thank everyone who entered our If I were A Rich Girl Poll Contest!!! I was inspired to create it because every day I'd turn on the television and hear that there's recession going on out there. I'd hear about ten percent unemployment and a shrinking economy. So I thought wouldn't it be nice if everyone in those statistics could live like Sur Cruise.
A few weeks ago Tom & Katie's adorable little toddler was photographed right here in New York City sporting a pricy $850 Salvatore Ferragamo Purse. Yes it seems that 3 year old Suri is always clad in only the best. From $100 ballet flats to $400 rain coats, baby Suri lives the life. It must be nice.

So it got me thinking what would the average Fashionwithfifi.com subscriber do for a Pricey Ferragamo Tote? How far would she go to get her hands on what is normally a rich girl's status symbol? So I asked you ladies to tell me about what you'd do for wealth like Suri Cruise? How would you live if you were a Rich Girl?

The prize was too juicy to pass on. No, it wasn't the Fashionwithfifi.com staff, rather it's what they're holding onto. It's the much coveted: Ferragamo- "Vara Bow Fragrance Tote" in white. Fashionwithfifi.com's own Tanesha (third from the right) and Lily (Second from the left) are both holding on to a limited edition Salvatore Ferragomo tote given out exclusively to special invited guest to last month's Incanto Bloom party; during New York City Fashion Week. The Pink Vara Bow adorns the front of the bag while exquisite styling, stitching and construction make this tote unmistakeably, Ferragamo.

Well I've kept you in suspense way too long.. So without further delay, I'd like to congradulate:


Heyshelbe wrote...
1. To be wealthy, I would do just about anything. Aside from committing adultery or killing someone. I believe that you cant be wealthy without the support of your family and friends and doing something to jeopardize that wouldnt be worth being wealthy.

2. If I were to become super wealthy I would change the outcome of my kids future. Meaning, I would make sure that they had money for the rest of their lives. College funds, Investments and Trust funds in their names. Secondly, I am already a giver so I know that I would have to improve the house of the Lord. I would donate to local charities and do more to support our veterans (My husband is an Iraqi War vet). I would also splurge on a new house and clothes. I would love to just shop for my kids with no budget. Just to see their faces, when they get some of the things they have been wanting, would be worth gold.

3. Yes I believe $850 is way to much to spend on a bag for a 3 year old. She/he doesnt even know what a purse is. But this is coming from someone who doesnt have a billion dollar bank account. I still think if I had the money I wouldnt spend that much on a 3 year old. There are so many kids who would just love to have a hot meal and $850 would go a long way in doing that. Well, my husband wants me to add this, that money opens different doors in the world of fashion. The media would have a field day if the caught Brad Pitt and Angelina or Tom and Katie shopping at Wal-Mart or Target for their babies things. So being rich changes the game on even going grocery shopping.

How To Claim Your Prize:

Claiming is really simple. Just leave send an email to contest@fashionwithfifi.com. Include your real name and your mailing address. It's that simple

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