Friday, March 26, 2010

Portugal Fashion 2010 - Best of

As you know, I attended Portugal Fashion last weekend and I was very disappointed by the shoe show. However, and now that I have the official photos, I've decided to show you the beautiful looks that were presented at the three day event. Above is a beautiful creation of one of my favorite creators, Story Tailors. Is it just me or is this gown reminiscent of Cinderella? Anyway I think this is beautiful and I love it.

Lion of Porches brought wearable to the runway. They used their trademark colors (navy, red and white) to create looks that people can easily wear in their daily lives. A black cardigan with a red shirt and jeans looks good on anyone.

As many designers, Luís Buchinho presented a lot of black garments. A black mini-dress is not a new concept but there is something about the proportions and asymmetry of this dress that makes it different.

Talk about lady in red! Most designers showcased black and brown as fall/winter trends but Red Oak decided to spice things up and present a red look. I love red so no need to tell how I feel about this particular photo.

White outfits composed most of Diogo Miranda’s show but this particular beige garment, in my opinion, was the most beautiful ensemble. The draping of the blouse and the way the jacket fitted made this look special.

The only words I can think of to describe this blue mini-dress that you see in the picture are beautiful and stunning so I'll shut up and let the dress do the talking. Elizabeth Teixeira really got me with this one.

Excuse me, did you say bright? Carlos Gil certainly heard you. I have a really hard time describing this color so I’m just going to call it “petrol peacock blue with a twist” but it’s lovely. My subconscious is automatically linking this dress to a cosmopolitan city somewhere in Europe at a huge cocktail party. Maybe that’s why I want it – now!

So, to sum it all up; black was the main color in most shows but draping, asymmetry and innovative cuts were also stars. Other colors were either bright and added simple details or were used in a monochromatic look. Materials were lighter but comfortable and leather and satin were definitely trends. I think I’m going to have a lot of “fashion-fun” this fall!

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