Saturday, March 20, 2010

Portugal Fashion Week- Collective Shoe Show

Portugal Fashion is a weekend where Portuguese designers show their creations to the public -much like a Fashion Week, only shorter. This year I had the opportunity to attend the collective shoe show. You know how much I love shoes, but I came home extremely disappointed. Knee high boots and short heels were most of what I saw. I understand that it is the fall/winter collection but, please, do I need to see chucky shoes again? Three winters in a row is a little more than what I can take right now. I was bored 10 minutes into the show and kept that way until it ended.

When it comes to designers, I love the creative kind – and we have plenty of that here so don’t ask me why is that I didn’t see their creativity show through today. I only took pictures of the prettiest shoes and boots so I don’t scare my readers (that’s how much I love you!) so take a look and let me know your thoughts. Quality and materials weren't bad at all and my disapointment is strictly due to lack of imagination.

Materials were mostly leather and suede and the colors were black and earth tones.

On a side note, and yes, I am aware that this was a shoe show, I was pleased not to see extremely thin models on the runway.

My heart gets sincerely broken when I have something less than fantastic to say about Portuguese fashion but I must be honest with my opinion and I have surely seen better from these designers. I hope to bring you pictures of much better Portuguese fashion really, really soon. Shoe Of The Week

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  1. the 2nd look is to die for

  2. i agree these boots dont do anything for me... talk about boring. i don't like them at all

  3. i really like this blog. i dont think portugal has fashion. the real designers are in N & S. America, Italy and France and you have a few in Asia someweher. look at the clothes the models are wearing thats not fashion you can find something much stylish at a swap meat. the shoes look ugly. portugal fashion = epic fail

  4. Hi Drop_Dead_Gorgeous. I must disgree with you, Portugal has fashion and has some great designers. This collective show was, indeed, disapointing but it is not all that Portugal has to offer. Designers such as Story Tailors, Luís Buchinho and José António Tenente have lots of pretty clothes in my opinion. This show was not about the clothes, so I don't really care what they were wearing. If the clothes looked nice, nobody would look at the shoes.


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