Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do You Think About Me? Contest Winner Announced!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered the DO YOU THINK ABOUT ME? (Poll Contest!!!). If you missed the contest, let me recap the details. We asked you the readers to tell us about how you spent your Valentine's Day. If you didn't do anything special, we asked that you tell us about your last hot Date. We got a couple dozen entries and as usual you guys rocked. Some of your entries made us laugh, some were sad and some were unmentionable. I wish I could've selected all of you, but indeed and at last we need a single winner. So everyone, (including all who entered but didn't win) join me in congratulating


N.D'zings wrote: I had a horrible Valentine's Day. I was asked out by this guy that I had been talking to for a few weeks. First problem was that I had to pick him up because he has transportation issues. Second, the movie we tried to see was sold out - of course he didn't go online to reserve tickets in advance. Third, we then went to a nice Mexican restaurant (at his suggestion), but once we got inside, he wanted to go elsewhere because they didn't serve pitchers of beer. I had already ordered a drink (which i never finished) because I presumed we were eating there. I paid for my drink, as I didn't see him offering to take care of it for me. I also tipped the valet guy, as he didn't go into his pockets to do it. Fourth, we ended up at a sports bar which permitted him to order his beloved pitcher of beer. He suggested that we get wings. I didn't initially want that, but I thought to myself, "he's paying, so oh well". The Allstar game was on (in which I had no interest), and we were at the restaurant from 5:45/6ish to midnight because of the damn game!! To make a long story short, I ended up paying for the meal because he was making moves to go, but hadn't pulled out any money to pay for the food! He came out of pocket all of $5 for parking at the sports bar (and he didn't want to do that!) At the end of the night, I was extremely pissed, but kept my composure and remained classy. I let him know the next day that he was dead wrong for the previous night and that I had no further interest in communicating with him.

Wow! All I can say is I hope your next date will be better. As a matter of fact I know of a guy that I'd like to set you up with. He's a little bit of an older gentlemen, but he always smells nice. His name is Salvatore, and here is his picture:

It's Salvatore Ferragamo's latest masterpiece: Incanto Bloom. Incanto Bloom was designed for the young and fashionable metropolitan woman with a desire for the latest in chic. Bloom offers a lively and subtle twist of Grapefruit. Flowers and Freesia introduce a wide, blossoming bouquet of Tea Roses and Champaca flowers. Bloom is packaged with the Vara bow, one of the most recognizable symbols of the Ferragamo brand, representing pure Ferragamo style and femininity.

The Perfume was born from the mind of renowned fragrance designer Sophie Labbe'. Here she is wearing the long sleeve dress alongside with's own Suzanna Gregoire three weeks ago in New York City. She personally told Suzanna that Incanto meant "Enchanted" in Italian. When asked what her inspiration for creating the scent was, she replied- "It's kind of the Enchanted Nature in the city". Sophie was kind enough to personally thank us for attending her party and gifted us the very same bottle of Incanto Bloom that we're in turn gifting to you.

Everybody Wins (Runner Ups)

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"
Willie D

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