Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Men’s fashion (part 1: Pre Shopping Prep)

Whether you’re a guy looking for some tips on how to dress for that special occasion or you’re just a girl who wants her man to dress a little bit better, this post should help you out. I myself love shopping for men’s clothes; I shop for my boyfriend, I shop for my dad, and I’ll shop for any man willing to trust me with his credit card. I’m just kidding (Maybe). I love the look and feel of fine men's wear. There are as many new denim trends this year for men as there are for women. So an opportunity to go into the men’s department is very hard to pass up.

In this first part, I’ll try to help you sort out what to keep in and what to get rid of. Getting rid of old clothes can be just as hard for men as it is for women. So guys think about letting opening up space in your life for some fresh air to come in, as well as clearing up space. It maybe hard at first but,you may find that you won't even have to give up as much as you think.

Pack Rats Breed Fashion Diseases

I want to equivalently stress that point. Get rid of any thing that you haven’t worn in 2 years or more. Donate those old clothes to charity, it will make you feel better. The only old clothes you should even consider keeping are family erlums or any thing with actual monetary value. Your wedding tux is a good example of something you might keep. Otherwise chuck the junk.

Get The Right Fit

Getting new clothes is fun and exciting. Part of the fun is redoing an old look. Although it's fun to try something new, don't abandon your core fashion principles. It's all about fitting in your new with some of the old. If you're style is more traditional don't try to to keep up with every new fad. If one day you're wearing a solid color Polo and the next you're wearing an extra loud cartoon character inspired tee, then you might just end up looking confused. Stay true to yourself. Add pieces that update and refine your wardrobe. Remember that Fashion is Foremost Inspiration and isn't always found in magazines or celebrities on TV. In the next installment I'll get into some specific suggestions for every occasion. Until then........

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"

- Micky

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