Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beauty Solutions: E.L.F. Mineral Makeup

I’m sure you've all heard of E.L.F. Eyes Lips and Face is a great cosmetics company that offers great makeup at super affordable prices. Right now they're are running a great promotion on their entire Mineral Makeup Line: 50% off the entire Mineral Makeup Line when you enter promotional code: 5FOR5MINERALS. It’s that simple! Plus, you get a $5 gift card with any purchase which makes it an especially awesome deal. Below are a few choice items that I've gotten from E.L.F. and use myself.

I’m a regular Mineral Makeup user and this $20 Starter Kit is an awesome product. It comes availible in: Medium and Neutral, Lighter skin, Fair Skin Starter Kit,Darker Skin Deep Starter Kit, and the popular Tan Skin Starter Kit. It comes with a Foundation, a Concealer, a Blush, a Total Face Brush, a Blush Brush and a little case to put it all in. This case is great because if you ever worked with finely grounded powders, you know that no matter how tight you close the lid, a little bit always ends up spilling and getting on everything. Pick the kit according to your skin tone and you’re ready to go.

Mineral lipsticks are becoming more and more common these days, but great colors aren’t always easy to find. At E.L.F., they are. My picks would be the new Nicely Nude (left) and the awesome Ripe Rose (right). They both seem lovely summer colours on most skin tones. I took a good look at the ingredients list and I can assure you that no lipstick can be much more moisturizing for your lips.

As for eyeshadows, I have three favorites. Royal is the amazing dark Royal Purple. It’s neutral enough to be worn day or night. Whether you wear it to work or while out on the town Royal adds a very unique glamour. It’s an awesome crease or “outer v” colour.

My next pick is Elegant, which would be the coolest highlight colour. If you’re darker than me, then I suggest Natural, one of their newest colors.

For the lid, I’d choose Temptress (or Glamorous if you’re complexion is darker than mine). You can't go wrong with pink and purple eyeshadow. This combo was made in heaven to make people fall in love. A little bit - or a lot, depending on where you're going and the time of day- of brown pencil eyeliner (like Coffee, also from E.L.F.’s Mineral Makeup line), mascara, and you’re "ready to rock"!

These are just a few of the E.LF. Prouducts that I use. I hope you take advantage of the coupon code. Keep in touch and let me hear your thoughts on mineral makeup!

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