Monday, June 15, 2009

Shopbop's Shopping Gene

So I was strolling through the mall this weekened when I kick over a gorgeous golden lamp. Not one to forget her childhood fabels I of course rubbed it. Just like in the fairy tales a cloud of smoke materialized and a gene appeared. He whipped out his Blackberry and said:

“- Micky, you’re a nice girl and I know you're waiting for your three wishes. But I’m really busy right now. I have to teleport between dozens of dimensions today. Here's a $1,000 Gift card. I'll be back later and then we'll talk about your wishes."

Never one to pass up on a bonanza I smiled, and obliged. I logged onto and got busy-

The first thing that caught my eye was this Diane von Furstenberg Mazerine Dress. It’s made out of silk and has these lovely, trendy, big flowers all over. This season, flowers are in and big patterns are in. Silk is one of my favorite fabrics and I could not have gone wrong with that lovely bowe/waist tie. Besides, it has pockets on the hip. This kind of “Italian pocket” as it is sometimes called is awesome to balance out the hips if you have narrower hips. If you don’t you can use them to make your waist look smaller (since it creates an optical illusion). $365,00 gone, $635 to go.

Some times summer nights can get a little chilly and I thought I might as well get a cardigan. This Only Hearts So Fine Kimono Cardigan was just what I was looking for. The fact that it’s made of jersey will let me dress down my new dress if I need to and it has short sleeves which makes it unique and interesting. Plus, it’s only $44,00. $409 gone, $591 to go.

As you already know from my previous: Micky's Guide To The Perfect Pair Of Jeans post; I love jeans. That said, it was only logical that I clicked the denim section. These 7 For All Mankind Flap Pocket Boot Cut Jeans were there, just waiting for me to add them to cart. Even the color's name was calling out to me. It’s called Portugal (which is where I’m from). Such a coincidence couldn’t have just been coincidence, so I had to get them. They cost $170,00 so that’s $579 gone, $421 to go.

Well, it’s not like I could ever buy a pair of jeans without adding a top, so I decided to get this Lauren Conrad Mindy Top. Grey is a color that suits me very well and I usually get compliments when I wear it but for summer I really prefer a lighter shade of grey since the dark ones can seem a bit sad. The scoop neck lets me breath and the bell sleeves let me move comfortably. It’s on sale for $105 so that leaves me with $684 gone and $316 to go.

Yes, yes, you guessed it, it’s not like I could go bare footed either, could I? I didn’t really want very high heels because they can sometimes be uncomfortable in the summer, but I didn’t want flats either. I stay away from kitten heels at all times because the heel always gets caught in the pavement on the street so what exactly is left for me today? These more than wonderful Frye Ada Pleats Peep Toe Baby Heel Pump for $124,60. I just can't get over how cute they are. That’s $808,60 gone and $191,4 to go.

So let's see something's missing. Oh that's right a Purse! I need a purse. I probably only have money left for one so I might as well buy one that goes from night to day and will look great with my new dress and cardigan and my jeans and top outfit and looks good with my new shoes. That’s not easy but this Zambos & Siega Mini Downtown Bag at 104,50 (did you notice it’s on sale? And what about the cute ruffle?) does the job just fine. That leaves me with $913,1 gone and $86,0 to go.

I had a talk with my new purse and it told me it felt really alone. With the money I have left I thought why not buy this awesome Love Quotes Hand Knotted Fringe Scarf for $88? Scarves are handy, very fashionable and I love them. They can completely change an outfit to make it brighter and more playful. Sure that pushes my cart to $1001,1 but I guess I’ll just have to dig in my new jeans’ pockets for some change.

Ok so that's my magical adventure. I'm still waiting for that Gene to come back so I can go back. I'll keep you guys posted on what I use my wishes on.

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"



  1. Micky You have done it again. I love when you do these. I started buying jeans totally differently now because of you. I'm going to get that dress when I have some money.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you like my posts. Yes, the dress is really something. Did you see my "little white dress" post? This dress can act like a "little white dress with a twist" which is really fun :D take care and keep in touch!

  3. Hi Micky. That dress is smoking Hot even though I can't. Thanks for doing this one. Do you have any plans to do this post over for Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe? They're more in my budget.

  4. I've been a fan of this blog for a while, but how come you guys don't do more for bigger women?
    I would love to but I have 44DD and I cannot fit into that dress. LOL.

  5. Hi Julia :) It's not on our plans right now but keep visiting us because we might be able to squeeze it in in the near future!

    Hey Sasha! I have a 36F and I know what your talking about. We'll have something for girls like us real soon. Keep visiting us :)

  6. Wow, Micky I didn't know you were a member of the club. That's why I like your site so much.

  7. Hi Micky, You come up with such sexy clothes. I favorited this after you guys did the little white dress, and I haven't been dissapointed yet

  8. Hi again Sasha :) I'm so glad you like what we do here at Fashionwithfifi. Have you subscribed to the site via email by clicking on the
    "Subscribe to Fashion with Fifi" link at the top right of the site (above the search bar)? And did you know that we have summer give aways going on now (search the contest section of the site)? I love hearing from you.

    Hello Nancy! It makes me happy to know that you like our site. Keep visiting us and we promiss to do our best in every post :)

  9. Hello Alex. I love them too. I was picking shoes from the site and these, because of the baby heel, seemed so versatile and cute I just had to include then :)


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