Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Accessories: Forever 21 Haul

Because the summer months are extremely hot, there's no arguing against the fact that you should wear less clothing and more accessories. That's why I decided to stock up on some much needed accessories at Forever 21. When I entered the accessories section, I felt like a pirate who found a treasure chest! They were all different and plenty to choose from: not to mention that the jewelry were affordable, fashionable, and perfect for the summer.

Many people have their reservations on shopping at Forever 21: but not me. I'm a patient shopper. I believe in searching for buried treasure and great bargains. You'll be amazed at what you can find with a little bit of patience. Although they were all beautiful, I narrowed down my purchase to eight: 4 earrings, 3 necklaces, and a set of bobby pins.

If you're interested in getting these items, here they are:

Unique wire-wrapped hoop earrings.- 2.0" dia

Antique finish metal hoop earrings partially wrapped with colorful threads.

Circular hook metal earrings with a filigree cut design and cut-out center. - 2.5" approx length x 2.0" approx width

Slightly elliptical laser cut earrings with abstract cut-outs.- 2.5" length

A simple, yet cute necklace featuring a Beautiful pendant expression and a lobster clasp closure. - 16" approx chain length x 0.4" approx width x 1.9" approx length pendant
An antique polished metal necklace featuring assorted strands and charms. Details include a picture-heart pendant, heart charm with rhinestones on a lacquered background, and a lobster clasp closure.
Adorable petite cable chain necklace featuring an open heart and banner pendant. Lobster clasp closure.

Add these rose bobby pins to your hair for a cute look. Set of 6. - 1.7" - 2.1" approx length x 0.4" - 0.7" dia rose. They come in cream, black, and gold - making it possible to match up with just about anything.

When it comes to jewelry I'm not into big, bulky items. I'm more of a conservative type; however, I'm very much into vibrant colors, hearts, stars, charms and lockets. The total came up to a little bit over $35 but it was well worth it considering the beautiful items I walked away with.

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"

- Suzanna

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