Friday, June 26, 2009

Micky's Guide for Summer Shoes

I have two words for you. Two words when used in the same sentence will make most women’s heart absolutely happy: Summer and Shoes. As many of you already know I love shoes and I love getting them at So I browsed through their selection to bring you my picks for my favorite 09 summer shoes for. You may have already seen some of these shoes here on the Sale Alerts, but too much is never enough when it comes to beautiful shoes.

If you’re like me, during the summer, it’s mostly about color. Take a look at this Dereon Perfect Escape in Turquoise Multi. The colorful braids give it a fun and flirty look and though the 5 inch heel may sound too high, remember that they have a 1 inch platform on the front so you’ll really only feel a 4 inch heel. They’re great to wear with your Swim suit or bikini, or when out on the town.

As much as I’d like to always look taller and thinner as people do when they wear heels, I recognize that sometimes heels aren’t the best pick. That’s why my next choice is this Corso Commo Sunblock Sandal I don’t really know if you can go for more comfort than these flip-flops can provide. Take a close look at the extra padded foot bed. I seems to me that I’ll be like walking on clouds. They’re super cute both in Gold and Silver.

Sadly, for most of us, summer isn’t just all about beach and parties. We also have to work through the summer months. If you're work is more professional on you can’t go to the office in flip-flops, and some heels aren't really appropriate. A perfect fit would be the Unlisted Tour Guide Wedge In Natural It is an especially perfect shoe if your job involves a lot of standing or walking around. They also make an excellent shoe for people who's work involves giving presentations and things like that

“Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration” and this Sam Edelman Mariella Heel will truly leave you inspired. Usually people either love them or hate them, but if love’em, you understand the beauty of this masterpiece. My favorite color is the Bronze, but the Pewter ones are amazing too.

What would a Micky’s Guide for Shoes be without at least one pair of red shoes? To me, that’s an inconceivable concept. So behold these super cute 1 1/4 inch wedge heel, breathable leather and square open toe Jessica Simpson Jolly Wedge- MAC.

If you’re talking shoes, you all know there’s only one thing I love as much as I love red shoes, and that is Animal Print. Naughty Monkey’s Woodchuck 2 comes in either Cheetah or Zebra print. Whichever you prefer think pool parties, think ice cream and think wild, funky fun!

When I think vintage, when I think pin-up and when I think sexy, the first shoe that comes to mind is this Harajuku Lovers Laila Heel in Navy/White You can’t go wrong when pairing them, white dresses, jeans, capris or you can center your outfit around this shoe's decorative heart shape buttons. They're super lovable and the buttons alone should inspire some great outfits.

Hot pink sequins and I are friends. We love each other, we do! And that's the way it has been ever since I met this Oh…Deer! Gelato Heel in Pink They are perfect for a night out with the girls. They’ll attract legions of inspired gazers attention with each and every step you take. I love these shoes, but let me warn you they are not for the shy or the faint of heart.

So there you have it. those are just a few of my favorite shoes so far this summer. Hope you and your shoes have lots of fun summer stories to share with us. Keep us posted and let me know what’s your favorite shoe from this post.

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"



  1. Oh deer, the Gelatos are my fav. Inspirational indded.

  2. Hi Magicjunkie! I think they're awesome too! The have them in Golden too but who can resist hot pink shoes?? lol

  3. Love the Gelato & the Turqouise braids. Inspired

  4. Hi Missjackson. Thanks for sharing your favorites! :)


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