Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Perfume of the Month: Flora by Gucci

This month’s perfume will be the fresh and elegant new Flora by Gucci.

The very fresh and floral scent that Gucci says is meant for young, sweet but somewhat daring people, was originally inspired by a pattern this Italian brand made exclusively for Princess Grace of Monaco (formerly known as Grace Kelly) in 1966. In Europe this pattern is very well known, used, and copied by many people, regardless their age.

Rose and Osmanthus flowers compose the heart of this fragrance, while it’s top note is citrus fresh, in an attempt to bring sexiness into the symphony a good perfume should be. As most, if not all, Gucci fragrances, the bottom note is woody, being that sandal and patchouli are the main ingredients.

In my opinion, and having worn this fragrance already, I’d say that the mixture of the velvety Osmanthus with the warm Sandalwood reminds me of Musky scent. If the perfume had a better staying power, I am pretty sure that you could clearly smell the bottom notes by themselves. The bottle is somehow both clearly retro but undeniably classic. Its clean strait architecture inspired lines don’t allow for it to look dated but the vintage feel is still very clear. Overall, if you really love floral perfumes, this is a good choice despite that fact that it dies fast and only leaves a soft trace after 4 or 5 hours. Otherwise, this might not be the perfume for you.

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