Thursday, June 25, 2009

Micky's Guide To Summer Dresses

Summer is finally here and like some of you I have countless events, Barbecues and parties to attend. So today I’ll show you some of my party wear picks.

Outdoor Dress

July 4th is less than 2 weeks away and if you're like me that means BBQ. Usually these things are at friend’s house or somewhere casual, so you’ll want to be comfy and definitely not overdressed. However since "Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration" you'll still want to look inspired. This Charlotte Russe Tribal Dress is truly inspirational. It's from Charlotte Russe so you already know it's super affordable. It's also super easy to accessorise. It goes from day to night easily if you happen to need it to. For a day look, wear it with golden flip-flops like these Corso Como Women's Sunblock Sandal in Gold will work great. For a night look, high heel gladiator sandals like these Sam Edelman's Mariella Heel in Bronze will do the trick. if you're looking for a more ostentatious look nice big golden earrings and any chic yet affordable "eBags Outlet" bag will complete the look wonderfully.

Mommy Events

For moms that will be attending a lot of kid's parties this summer think about something like: Polkadot Ruffle Dress. Polka dots are fun and young, which is exactly what we’re going for. This dress is pretty conservative, but you can have some fun with the accessories. Cinthya Vincent's Jean Heel in White is a statement and a half, while still being event appropriate.

Pool Parties

Poolside events are always a ton of fun. This $14.99 Qi Cashmere Cotton Slip is perfect for sophistcated cocktail and gatherings by the pool. It's comfortable enough to wear over your swimwear just in case you actually go to pool parties for the pool. I like it in Taupe but wear it in black and navy if it's a really nice affair. Turn it into “party wear with a few simple accessories. Like Naughty Monkey's Woodchuck 2 in Brown (be sure the sole is not slippery) and maybe a nice shiny belt. Charlotte Russe's Studed Belt would look really good. If you’re into hats, go for big and bold.

Beach Party

You're probably going to attend at least one beach party this summer so consider this Long Gauze Tube Dress. This tube-style cover up dress is really easy to accessorise. It works great for women with curves, although I wouldn’t recommend it if you're super top heavy

For a fun evening look draw get inspiration from this Amanda Uprichard, Salon Z Tuxedo Silk Dress. It’s made of silk, so it’s dressy enough for a special night out. It's also great for beautiful and confident women with curves.

Cocktail Dresses

If the party you’re going to is something formal, you'll have to dress up a little bit. You want want something classic, but yet still inspiring. Opt for this silver Sequin Bubble Dress, again from Charlotte Russe (they have so many awesome and inexpensive dresses that it's hard for me not to just go ahead and pick them...). It’s metallic finish, really works if you have a great tan or if you have darker skin. Now if you really want to make a statement wear this dress with Oh...Deer's Gelato Heel in Pink. Not a very common combo, but I promise it will be a huge success.

Something more light and fun, yet sober enough would be this, Martin + Osa's Watercolor Print Pleted Silk Dress. And in keeping with the theme of the day (Curves Are Beautiful) you can find it in sizes up to XXL. Usually people choose black or other solid colors for cocktail dresses, but this water color dress is a change of pace you'll definitely inspire.

Evening Dress

I've always been a fan of glamorous evening gowns. This JS's Boutique Beaded Gown makes a splash in yellow and it works with all body types. It's also great in a form flattering royal blue. I honestly fell in love with it the moment I saw it. This dress is a break from the pack type of piece. Wear it confidently with classic jewelry, accessories, soft makeup, and you’re all set.

But if you're looking for something less ostentatious the classic little black dress always works. They should be considered investments because they’ll never go out of fashion and you’ll be able to use them for years to come. This Little Black Sequin Halter Dresses by Faviana is just what the doctor ordered.

Although we touched on it a little bit the right shoes, makeup, and accessories will complete your summer look. Stay tuned for those corresponding guides, coming soon. I hope you have fun with all the up coming parties and events.

"Fashion is Foremost Inspiration"


  1. I love that yellow dress, it's gorgeous!!

  2. Hi Confessionelle. I think so, too :) It's a "goddess-like" dress


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