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Micky's Guide To The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

You’re out by the pool or at the beach, laying feeling fabn and sipping on a Piña Colada. You reach for your new Steve Austin Woven Tote to take out your sunglasses; you put them on and instantly feel more glamorous. Well at least that's the way it should be, but sometimes it’s a huge challenge to find a pair of sunglasses that really suit you. The only true way to pick the right sunglasses for you is to take a good look in the mirror and determine your face shape. Generally, face shapes are divided in the following categories:

Square- (forehead, cheekbones and jaw lines are nearly the same width)

Round- (your face is as wide as it is long),
Oval- (Length approximately equal to one and a half times width),

Oblong- (longer than it is wider and your cheekbones aren’t very high)

Triangular shape- (Wide forehead, thin chin and often barely noticeable cheekbones).

The shape of your face can change due to fluctiations in weight, changes in hairstyles, and the affects of aging in older women. That is why taking a good look at the mirror every time you need to buy new sunglasses is so important. If you’re not sure what’s your face shape yet, as a friend, or, better yet, your hair stylist since he or she is trained to look into people's faces. Even with all of that it can sometimes still be difficult to figure it out. So here are some ideas on how to find the perfect shades.

If your face has a more square shape to it, you’ll want to balance out all the angles in your face and make them softer. That’s why more rounded frames like the ones on these Dsquared2 001128F will suit you best.

If possible, draw attention to the upper portion of the frames (towards your brows) so your face looks longer and people look away from your strong jaw line (which, when too emphasized, can make you look too masculine). However, avoid at all costs drawing attention to the sides of the frames because it will only make your face appear more angular. An example of suglasses that draw peoples eye upwards are these Balenciaga's Retro ones.

For people with more rounded faces, try more angular frames. Square or rectangular frames will make give the illusion of more overall angles and will make your face appear thinner. Medium size shades will be better because they’ll get “lost” if they’re too small and can make your face look more rounded that it actually is if they’re too big. These Preston & York Square Plastic Sunglasses are just wonderfull (and I'm not talking only about the price).

Avoid aviator style sunglasses. More often than not, they’ll sit on your cheeks and will move up when you smile. It happens to me if I try to wear them too and I assure you it’s not cute- it’s just silly. Instead try to look for something along the lines of these ZYL Squared Frames. They aren't really oversized but they do cover your eyebrows, so they'll suit you better you if your face isn't small.

For us, girls with a more oval face shape, almost anything goes. If you like it, think big and go for over sized frames with whatever decorations you prefer. I never pass up on great deal so these Charlotte Russe Oversized Retro Sunglasses for only $5.99!!! are a can't miss.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more discreet “allure”, you can go small and chic with these Ray-Ban's Small Square Sunglasses.

If your face is more on the oblong or longer side, try to balance it out with audaciously big shades. You can get away with them so go all in. Look at these animal print Dior 60'S 1 - Oversize Signature Sunglasses for some inspiration.

Again, just try to avoid decorations such as studs or crystals that only along the sides of the frames since these will make your face look longer. Ideally, they should have embellishments horizontally both on top and bottom of the frames but if they have them all over the frames, they'll look just as nice. Try these Taigete - RC Swarovski Crystal Logo Round Sunglasses out.

Finally, if your face has more of a heart shape to it, you should go with thinner frames. This won’t draw attention to your forehead as much. A good example are these Betsey Johnson's Rinestone Heart Hinge With Thin Frames.

The ideal frames for you are the famous and the infamous aviator shades. I personally love this style though it doesn’t suit me at all. They’ll make your face look longer and more balanced. Check these MICHAEL Michael Kors "Miami" Aviator Sunglasses out.

These are just a few suggestions. Click on the links in this post to browse through those sites and find the right ones for you. Last tip; No matter the shape of your face, your sunglasses should not be too tight on the bridge of your nose. If they are, they can give you a really bad headache.

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  1. Love the Charlotte Russe Shades. The Diors are nice too

  2. Hello Ashley :) The Charlotte Russe are awesome, they remind me a lot of a pair of Gucci sunglasses I had some years ago. The Dior ones, with the animal print, are just sexy :) Keep in touch, we love hearing from our readers.


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