Monday, June 29, 2009

When Bad Fashion Happens to Good People: BET Award Show 2009

Celebrities hit the red carpet at last night's B.E.T. Award show. While some were dressed to impress, others showed up in the unexplainable --- committing fashion suicide. And just when I thought that B.E.T. and company couldn't possibly go lower, they have proven me wrong yet once again. En route to the award show "attributing Michael Jackson", Melody Thornton showed up in this unflattering skanky getup ...... and what a disgrace! Whatever happened to showing up at a tribute, award show, or an event with class? It seemed as though her butt cheeks were exposed. Someone should have advised her to wear something less revealing and more respectable. But what can you expect from a Pussycat Doll?!?!?

Next up is the demon of the night: Lil Mama. She showed up looking like Sheneneh Jenkin's little sister - Shenono. Doesn't this getup look like something you'll find at DOTS. Can someone please tell me who's her stylist so that I can beat her down with an ugly stick?!?! On the flip slide Lil Mama did come dressed for the occasion as a Thriller zombie.

And finally, the ultimate attention-seeker Cassie. Where can I begin?!?!? Everyone wants to be the talk of the red carpet - hopefully in a good way. There are some people who'll push their fashion limits and others who'll show up DOA (Dead-wrong on arrival) - and Cassie did just that. Fishnets are soooooooooo 90s. This getup should be worn at a club somewhere on South Beach and not at an award show "Attributing the King of Pop". What kills me is that Cassie actually thinks she's working this look SMH. There's a lot to be said when your shoe is layering more skin than your dress. It's no wonder Diddy failed to appear with and sit next to her.

3 Women - 3 Words: Classless ....... Tasteless ........ and Tacky!!

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"
- Suzanna


  1. I think the first dress is very awful
    I would be very ashamed if I wear it :D


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