Friday, June 26, 2009

Fashion Circle Sale Alert: Facefront Cosmetics

Behold Makeup Lovers! Facefront Cosmetics is having 25%off of everything all weekend. All you have to do enter the promo code: lovesale

Facefront has my favorite makeup pigments and they are nice enough to have fast and free shipping every now an then (including international!). Just in case you were wondering, my favourite pigments from Facefront Cosmetics are Mad Money and Radio Waves but I also enjoy Bee Incredible.

“Mad Money” is so glittery it’s not even funny (in a wonderful way, of course). Green is not a good color on my skin so I avoid most of the time. The only exception is when it comes to this color. I used it on myself as an eyeshadow and liked it a lot, but turn it into an eyeliner (mixing it a little bit of mixing medium or water) and you’ll understand why no other eyeliner can compare.

“Radio Waves” is an awesome purple pigment. To me that’s enough said but if you need a little more covincing, it’s a pigment with pewter finish, so it looks like it has light coming from within. It’s clearly purple but this “light” it radiates is closer to hot pink than purple. It’s beautiful.

I can’t decide if Bee Incredible is a yellow gold or a golden yellow. Either way it’s strikingly beautiful, specially when paired with orange or red eyeshadow (that was my FOTD yesterday, by the way). I have to warn you, though; you won’t go unnoticed if you choose to wear it. Oh, and the darker your complexion is, the more stunning this color will look on you.

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