Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bra Measurements: Finding Your Perfect Fit

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Wearing the wrong bra size is a huge fashion faux pas that can result in extreme back and shoulder pain. If you are a woman who has never been fitted, you are not alone. Most women don't know their true bra size and suffer as a result. However your suffering ends today! I'll show you how to find your true bra size in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Measure Your Band Size

For best results you'll need to wear a non-padded bra and use a soft measuring tape. Hold the tape measure around your back at band level and bring it forward, just above your bust. Make sure that the measuring tape is snugged around your band without it being too tight. The resulting number is your band size (If the number is odd, round down to the closest even number). Remember this number.
Next, you'll need to measure completely around the fullest part of your bust (at the nipple level). Again - make sure that the measuring tape is snugged around your bust without it being too tight. The result will be your bust measurement. You'll need to remember this number as well. If this measurement falls on the 1/2 inch, round up to the nearest whole number.
Now it's time to put the numbers I asked you to remember to use. Subtract the band size (step 1) from the bust measurement (step 2). This number will equate to the letter of your cup size.

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For example, if your bust measurement is 34" and your band size is 32, you wear a B Cup. Alwaysforme.com provides bras for those with bigger cup sizes
The center panel of your bra should always sit directly against your skin between your chest. Your breasts should fill your bra without spillage. Also your bra shouldn't lift as a result of movement. It should fit and feel comfortable whenever worn - which means no band imprint on your shoulders. If your index finger cannot move between your body and bra straps freely, you should adjust the straps immediately for both safety and comfort. Its important that women get a bra fitting twice annually due to weight gain and loss which can effect both your bust and band size. For more bra fitting tips and best bra deals visit Henry & June Lingerie. Remember: Don't let your bra wear you - Wear your bra and do so comfortably!

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  1. Great Post on bras. I have heard it before on the Oprah show, but forget that one should have it re-measured more often.

  2. Thank you Christine. I find that many women wear the wrong bra size and suffer back pain as a result. They either assume their bra size or is too embarrassed to have one done by a bra specialist - not realizing they could do it themselves at home.


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