Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ingrown Hair Part 1: The Cause

What Causes an Ingrown Hair?

An ingrown hair is an irritated red bump that appears shortly after hair removal. An ingrown hair occurs when new hair growth gets trapped beneath the skin surface and begins to grow "into" the skin rather than "out of" the skin (thus the name ingrown hair). Bacteria are often trapped in the hair follicle, which causes inflammation, leaving the skin with red, painful, irritated bumps, which are commonly known as ingrown hairs.

Any kind of hair removal can leave skin vulnerable to an ingrown hair. Hair removal such as waxing triggers the body to heal, so new skin cells tend to form over the hair follicle opening, trapping the new hair as it begins to emerge. The new hair can't "get out," so it grows "in," causing an ingrown hair. Coarse, curly and thick hair is most prone to ingrown hairs. For women, this means ingrown hairs around the bikini area, for men, ingrown hairs occur around the beard area. People with darker skin tones also tend to be more prone to ingrown hairs, because of hair texture. Both men and women suffer from the ugly plight of ingrown hair; however, you no longer have to.

Tomorrow, I'll discuss how you can prevent and rid yourself of ingrown hairs in my Part 2 - The Treatment post.

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