Saturday, June 6, 2009

Look For Less: Rihanna's Cropped Pants

Good morning and happy Saturday! I'm all smiles today. After being subjected to a nasty week of rain, I've woken up to beautiful sunshine. Would you believe that even with all the rain yesterday, I still found time to do a little bargain shopping... not that I bought much, but I did find exactly what I was looking for and that's always a reason to celebrate.

Direct your attention to the picture of Rihanna. She wore this beautiful black crop pants on Tuesday while shopping at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. I love Rihanna's style. Like me, she's not afraid to get creative with garments and seems to pull off stylish looks most of the time. Celebrities always seem to influence our fashion senses but most of us don't have celebrity cents or dollars for that matter. Whoever said that we can't we look just as good for a fraction of what they're paying? I found the same pleated knit crop pants Rihanna was wearing on clearance at Express yesterday (thank God for that)!

I was eyeing this piece a while back online but wondered how it would look on me, so I held back on purchasing it until I could try it on. I combed several Express stores and could never find it until lady luck paid me a visit at the South Street Sea Port location. When I found it in small I knew I had to try it on, and guess what - it fitted perfectly (and I'm a size 6 in pants)! This pure soft and relaxed, cropped fit gives you easy, slip-on style: you can adjust the bottom legs to your liking - by wearing it long or short. The wide waistband is made of elastic to give you that comforting feel. The quality of the garment is amazing; it doesn't feel cheap. Soft, simple, and chic - it's no wonder stars like Rihanna prefer this style. And what I love most about these pants is that I bought it for only $7.99. It was the only one left. I was surprised that no one nabbed it before I did. If you weren't as lucky as I was, don't fret. You still have a chance to get it at Express for $7 .99 in XS-L. Just click here.

This piece is essential to your wardrobe because you can wear it casually (when taking your dog for a walk ) or dressy (when clubbing with your girls). You can also dress this up with heels or down with flats - either way you can't go wrong. I can't wait to show it off white the right pair of heels. Have fun shopping my lovely Recessionistas!

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"
- Suzanna

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