Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beauty Addicts Flock to SoHo for Shecky's 'Beauty Night Out'

Women all across Manhattan flocked to SoHo last night for the annual ‘Beauty Night Out’ hosted by Shecky’s, a media company that covers everything from nightlife to fashion to beauty. The two-day affair launched yesterday at the Puck Building and featured the winners of Shecky’s ‘Beauty At Its Best’ Awards.’ Women were invited to engage in complimentary sampling, pampering and styling. was in attendance last night (That's me with the boots above), reviewing hundreds of products and mingling with a crowd of more than 2,000 beauty addicts! Guests enjoyed unlimited cocktails from Midori, Sky Infusions and Bacardi Silver’s Signature Lemonade. They even scored one of Shecky’s famous goodie bags worth up to $125. No wonder the line started forming more than an hour beforehand!

Also in appearance was Claudia Chan, the president of Shecky’s. “This event covers everything that women love. Beauty is so relevant to all women,” she said.

And picking the winning beauty products for this year’s event was no small task, Chan revealed. Shecky’s enlisted a team of beauty experts to test more than 2,000 products during the past twelve months. After meticulously weeding out the mediocre, the team, comprised of celebrity stylists, beauty bloggers, and product aficionados, awarded 300 products with Shecky’s prestigious stamp of approval.

Some of this year’s winners include KohGenDo’s Maifanshi Moisture Foundation, Conair’s YouStyle 2-in-1 Iron from Infiniti, and Yes to Carrots’ Eye Love Cucumbers Eye Gel.

If you love a French manicure, but don't want to spend the bucks to have it done professionally, Kiss introduced its new 'Everlasting French' acrylic nail kit. At the booth, guests caught a glimpse of the nails and snagged a free kit!

Guests also browsed jewelry from designers such as Barbara Weinreb and Katie Thompson and Eda & Betty. Many jewelry designers offered discounts on items featured at the event.

The entire building was buzzing with excitement as women received premier treatment from beauty companies. At the Redkin booth, hair stylists gave complimentary hair styles, while at Cargo, beauty technicians demonstrated how to create foolproof eye looks — Just to name a few!

“Since we have access to so many products, we can find the best ones for women,” said Chan. "And this year, many companies are targeting the ‘frugalistas’." “Luxury is getting hit hard,” Chan disclosed.

In addition to this annual event, Shecky’s also hosts ‘Girls Night Out,’ a shopping and socializing event for women that is held in 16 cities across the country. Visit Shecky's Girls Night Out, ‘the online resource for all things fashion, beauty and fun,’ to see if there will be an event near you!

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  1. omg wish i was thr. tixs are sld out mayb ill try to sneak in. i luv the nails thy look prfssionly done

  2. Cool stuff. I'm from Nebraska, but i wish I were there.

  3. Why haven't I heard of Sheckys until now?!? Sheckys is every woman's dream destination. I'm from Tallahasse - and may drive up to attend Girls Night Out Atlanta! What's Girls Night Out like? Are designer gooodies given away as well? What designers will be there? How much does it cost to attend?

  4. Wat was in tha goodie bag? was MAC there? o o o, I'd soo like to get MAC freebies he he

  5. TheNextTopModel119October 8, 2009 at 12:56 PM

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ What was in the goodie bags?!?! this seems like a cool event. They should have this event everyday. Were any famous people there? Martinis + women + beauty = Diva Heaven

  6. sounds like a beauty/social trade show. wish i was there

  7. thinks I neevr heard of schekys until now. this shoul d be a week end evnt. im in long island and couldnt journy to the city yeterday or today. Mayb e nextt time :( keeep us postd

    were the jewlry free too?!? jus curiuos *winkwink*

  8. This was my first time at a Schecky's Beauty Night Out. I've been to Girl's Night Out twice before, and this was by far my favorite. I liked that it was well organized all on one floor and easy to maneuver. Great vendors and services, and excellent product samples. Some vendors didn't offer free stuff - what was the point of being there idk? Other than that it was well worth it and fun!

  9. Just came back. Awesome EVENT!!!! A++++++ stuff in the goodie bags and not useless junk! I'm going again next time!

  10. Beauty Night Out was great. First the line was extremely long... so get there early. Once inside I was greeted by lots of women who were pushing and shoving but no cat fights. Free drinks but no free food. The goodie bags were stuffed. you had to wait in a long line just to get it upstairs but it was well organized...tons of great stuff. Wish I brought a spare bag to take home more goodies.

  11. Does Shecky travel to South America?

  12. y am i always late to find out things thinks tho :)



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