Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reality Check: Project Runway Season 6, Episode 7

Okay, take a look at these two outfits. Now try to name their similarities. Having a hard time? So did Klum and the judges on last night's episode of Project Runway.

Just looking at these two very different dresses, by Epperson and Christopher, most people would never be able to guess that this week's challenge was to create two complimentary looks for Macy's I.N.C. brand, working in teams of two. In fact, these two dresses were so off the mark that they almost sent Christopher and Epperson packing

Christopher and Epperson were obviously surprised by their low marks and had even remarked halfway through the challenge that they were the "dream team." So when they found themselves trying to defend their outfits, Christopher lost his cool and broke down in tears on the runway.

The green dress' neckline was definitely unflattering for the modern woman and the shirt dress started out as a good idea, I thought, but the shimmery material was its downfall.

Rivaling Christopher and Epperson for the bottom spot was team Louise and Nicolas. Their ruffled dresses looked like outdated bridesmaid dresses, which did not stand well with the judges. Luckily, Nicolas had immunity after winning last week's challenge, a saving grace that Klum did not let him forget!

After threatening to send home two designers, Klum finally voted Louise off the runway, letting Christopher and Epperson stay in the competition for another week.

But Irina and Jordanna, despite their differences during the challenge, managed to clinch the top spot and Irina was named the challenge winner. Although she did not receive immunity this week, she did win the opportunity to design a holiday dress for the I.N.C. brand. I would say that is a fair trade!

And thank goodness, Michael Kors finally made an appearance back on the judging panel. His critical input has been sorely missed the last few weeks and I hope he is back for good!

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