Saturday, November 14, 2009

Coat Check: CR Plaid Hooded Coat

Plaid Hooded Coat

Yesterday's Coat Check featured an awe inspiring, but budget busting masterpiece from Prada. Being that "Fashion Is Foremost Inpsiration" and not cost we thought a return to humble roots was in order. Behold plaid and layer up with this budget friendly Plaid Hooded Coat by Charlotte Russe; featuring a heavyweight plaid fabric, oversized hood, toggle closures, two front pockets, and an interior lining for added warmth. The roomy sleeves allows for bundling on cold weather days. This color is called Ivory Combo and sizes are limited. This coat is currently only availible in Small and Medium. To give you some perspective on fit note that size medium has a shoulder-to-bottom hem length of 30". Caring for the coat is very easy and it's machine washable. Charlotte Russe has this coat listed for a cost friendly $36.99.

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"


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  1. the hood and the double buttons are what caught my eye!


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