Monday, November 9, 2009

Too Faced People Exposed Contest Winner Announced

Too Faced Unicorn Palette - Earthly Enchanted Palette Earthly Enchanted Palette would like to thank everyone who entered in our Too Faced Exposed contest and beared their encounter with a Two Faced person. Sad to say, but a lot of the run-ins occurred between family and close friends. I wish we could accept more entries, but at last it's time to announce the winner. The winner was selected at random using So if all of the runner ups would join me in extending-

Congratulations to the following:

Luv2singk said...
I had a bestfriend for several years. I met her in middle school and we remained friends during my first two years of college. In middle school she told me she had a baby and that she was raped. She passed out cards to her friends about her baby and what not. Numerous ppl told me that she was crazy and was lying about having a baby. Her sister told me tht she NEVER HAD A BABY. However, because so many ppl turned thr back on her I remained her friend. Later, she told me that she LIED ABOUT THE BABY. Throughout our friendship I met her family and she told me she was a virgin... okay cool!! When I went off to college she called me and said she thinking bout having sex with her boyfriend. I told her not to because he already had a baby mother. I told her to hold off.She called me oneday and said that she was living with her boyfriend. I asked "What!! Your mama letting u do this? She said "Yes, my mama know I'm grown and trust me." She also stated that they were not having sex but I trusted her cuz she was my best-friend. silly me... after tht She hooked me up with her "play brother". He was a nice young fellow and he told me stuff about her that he thought I knew (Cuz we were BEST-FRIENDS). He told me that she got KICKED OUT of her mama house cuz she got PREGNANT AND SHE HAD BEEN HAVING SEX FOR A MINUTE with HIS BROTHER!!!. He also, told me that she had a miscarriage. She had been lying to me for a long time. Telling me one thing but going around doing something else. I cut her off because her actions shown me that she was a LIAR. Granted it none of my bizness if you having sex n wut not but I do not like the fact that she WENT OUT HER WAY TO tell me lies. She told me lies without me asking if she doing this and that. She told lies for no reason. I questioned her loyalty, friendship and her character!! I cut her out my life and today I'm happier... so much better!!! I should win the contest because I have been through a lot in life period. Its good tho, cuz God has guided me and now I know and have learned a lot from that relationship. It's easier for me to catch the warning signs of a liar within my friend and romantic relationships. No regrets only lessons learned.

You've won:

The Too Faced New Romantic Unicorn palette which contains everything needed to evoke your inner romantic. Three lovely shadows flirt with a trio of seductively shimmering glosses all meant to be mingled with the kit's perfectly passionate blush! Create the look of innocent love or go all out glam to inspire an evening of lustful bliss!

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  1. Wow thank you so much. I've sent my information. God Bless!!


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