Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love Etc... The Body Shop Perfume

If I tell you there’s a perfume called “Love Etc...” and that its logo is made of various hearts, on all the colors in the rainbow you’d probably tell me right away that it would be a Valentine’s perfume, right? Well… not so much. The Body Shop is well known for their body butters and amazing bath products but they have some really good (and inexpensive) perfumes. The newest is Love Etc…

This new perfume has been created by Dominque Ropion, who is the perfumist behind fragrances such as Armani Code (previously featured on this segment), Lovely (SJP’s perfume) and many others. The perfumist was inspired by love in all it’s variants, be it love for your friends and family or love for a certain place or time in your life.

The notes are jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood. Looks pretty simple and straightforward but it seems to be a match made in heaven. All the notes are definitely sweet, but not overwhelming. This is a traditional floral-oriental perfume to which the freshness and romance is brought by the jasmine, the sweetness and mystery is brought by the vanilla accord and the earthy warmness and sexiness is brought by the sandalwood. No aldehids and no musk on fragrance, so even the more sensitive people can rest assured that it is extremely unlikely to give you headaches.

I’d personally say this is by no means a warm perfume but it’s not a cool one either. I’d wear it year round since I find it to be well balanced, just as love itself should be. Don’t rely on this perfume to make an entrance by you in a room because that will never happen. It’s a discreet, peaceful and classy day perfume that is sure to appeal to those of you who just cannot stand the very though of wearing too much of an overpowering perfume but don’t want to smell like you just borrowed a pre-teen’s perfume.

As if all of these good things weren’t enough, the alcohol on this perfume is a Community Trade biological product so you’ll also be helping to create a better World when you buy and use it.

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