Monday, November 9, 2009

Beauty Solutions: One Minute Manicure Spa Treatment

One Minute Manicure Spa Treatment Moisture Scrub Original Peppermint

Luscious, soft hands and feet are unbeatable seduction weapons. It is scientifically proven that when you meet someone for the first time (of either sex and of any sexual preference), your hands are one of the first body parts they notice. If you are going to make a fist impression, it might as well be a good one so your hands should be in top condition at any given time. To help you out with that, there’s One Minute Manicure Spa Treatment Moisture Scrub Original Peppermint.

This Spa Treatment Scrub exfoliates, reconditions and moisturizes the skin by using a blend of natural oils and triple-milled Dead Sea Mineral Salts. The original fragrance featured above is a blend of peppermint and spearmint with light undertones of citrus but “Fresh Pomegranate” and “Blackberry Vanilla” are also available.

When using this Spa Treatment Scrub you have to mix the salt with some of the actual oil (and don’t blame me if you get that “mad scientist” feeling when doing it). All you have to do next is to apply a small amount of this mixture to hands or feet, rubbing in circular motion for an effective exfoliation of dead skin cells. Scrub around nail bed to remove dead cuticles and increase circulation, rinse and pat dry. All that is left to do is to massage the remaining oil into skin, nails and cuticles until it’s totally absorbed. It works wonders if you happen to have dry elbows or any small dry patches on you body.

This Manicure Spa Treatment has grape seed oil, avocado oil, walnut oil, apricot kernel oil and jojoba oil. If you know anything about skincare, then you know they are all extremely good for your skin.


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