Monday, November 23, 2009

Eye Brow Shaping to Perfection

Last week was invited to the famed Damone Roberts New York for a brow shaping and educational session with Eyebrow Sculptor Maria Brito.

Who is Maria Brito you ask? Brito has over fifteen years of experience as a make-up artist and brow sculptor, and is Damone Roberts’ newest Brow Diva. Since childhood, this self professed “Brooklyn Girl” was a young esthetician in training. Her first experience in brow sculpting was at age 6, when just days before picture day; she picked up her cousin’s razor and shaved away her brows.

In this session, Maria taught us everything we needed to know about the beauty of brow sculpting. The purpose of brow sculpting is to shape the face while removing unwanted hair from the eyebrow area. Makeup artists agree that shaping the eye brows create a flattering arch that enhance the eyes and give the face a more polished look.

The eye area is the frame of the face. Even without makeup, the frame enhances the eyes. The brows show off an expression that will follow whatever it is that your face is doing, therefore it is important that women put a lot of thought and attention in their eye brows. If you’re considering arching your brows for the first time, it would be best to first see a professional who’ll give you an objective view.

Most women have brows that demand a lot of attention or some type of shaping to complete the look. Each esthetician has his/her unique style of sculpting. “Brow sculpting is an art form and is a matter of taste for some people. It is important that you look at the work of the person you’re going to,” said Brito. Know where you’re going before you let anyone touch your eye brows.

“My biggest pet peeve is over tweezed eye brows. Worst than too skinny is a really bad shape: sperm shaped. When too close together they make you look angry,” explained Brito.

Aside from Brito, you can schedule an appointment with any of Damone’s Brow Divas; all of which were personnally trained by Damone Roberts himself. Usually a brow shaping session can run between 15-30 minutes depending on the client. But don’t worry, with the use of Reiki (an ancient Japanese healing technique), Brito will have you feeling and looking like a brand new you in no time!

At Damone Roberts New York, finding the perfect brow shape is as easy as 1-2-3

· For a fuller face, make sure that your brows aren’t too thin.

· For a face with small features (face, nose and small eyes), avoid shaping your brows too thick so that they won’t overpower the face.

· For a rounder face, sharper brows with angles will suit perfectly.

· For a face with narrow features, go for a rounder brow because it’ll soften your appearance.

· And for a quick fixer upper in-between salon visits, you can purchase Damone’s fabulous brow kit which includes everything you need to have World Class eyebrows (Tweezer, Brow Shadow, Brow Highlighter, Brow Pencil, Scissors, Brow Gel, Brow Smudge Brush, Brow Angled Brush, and Sharpener).

Damone Roberts New York offers a friendly and warm environment to every customer. “We care about what we do without giving you attitude. We’re a perfectionist and take our time on your brows,” said Brito. “You’ll never feel like someone rushed through the job. You’ll walk away feeling beautiful. If you’re not there yet we’ll get you there!”

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  1. Arabelle (@)----)----November 23, 2009 at 9:23 AM

    thts so true u cant let n e one touch your brows or you'll walk around lQQkin like a clown smilin all the time

  2. Shes right you should research who you are going to first. I used to frequent local asian spots until they over plucked my brows until it stop growing completely. Now I had to draw it in… all thanks to $10 … wasn’t worth it in the end 

  3. ha ha ha... i rember shavin 4 da 1st tyme wit a cheap razor @ 14 bad move

  4. wuts tha differnce btwn brow shapin/ sculptin and archin?

  5. if beyonce is going there i gotta check them out

  6. looks great -- clean & professional. Ive heard of damon robert from somewhere -- wasn't he on a bet show or something or some show? as long as the work is good i'll try iy

  7. Taylor_Jade

    good brow tips. now i know whut shape will work for me

  8. whre can i find a vid tutorl on how to arch brows crrctly?


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