Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Million Reasons Why Fragrance is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume by Burberrys, 1.7 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

There’s a million reasons why fragrance should be at the top of your gift list this holiday season. From the quirky to the classic, there’s a perfect perfume pick for everyone on your list. Out of the million reasons, here’s the top ten from The Fragrance Foundation who believe everyone should use fragrance everyday:

1. Fragrance is an affordable luxury at!. Creative geniuses pour their heart and soul into gorgeously designed bottles of exquisitely blended scents that should cost untold fortunes. Yet these precious liquids make luxurious gifts at price points for every budget.

2. It’s a personal signature. Even if you purchase the most popular fragrance of all time, worn by millions of women, the scent on your skin will develop its very own, very unique characteristic. It will never, ever be repeated.

3. Fragrance is a major mood enhancer. Scientific research has shown that fragrance has the added benefit of elevating your mood and reducing stress..a definite bonus at this hectic time of the year!

4. It’s an affordable fashion accessory.When your budget can’t stretch to an entire new outfit, fragrance is the perfect accessory.

5. Love those hot, but out-of-reach designer labels? Rest assured that when a designer puts their name to a bottle of fragrance, they are expressing their true style signature in its most affordable manner. Each and every designer is passionate about each and every facet of the bottle, the perfume, the packaging that bears their name. With their fragrance, you get the vibe without the price tag.

Burberry Brit Body Lotion by Burberrys, 5 oz Body Lotion for Women

6. Fragrance comes in an infinite variety of forms. There’s something for everyone on your list. A silky, cleansing shower gel. A French-milled soap. A soothing, calming bath oil. A velvety, sensual body cream. A lightly moisturizing all-over skin lotion. So many ways to layer on fragrance for a long-lasting effect.

A collector’s choice. Perfume bottles are works of art in their own right. Display them, admire them, enjoy the feminine touch they add to your daily life.

8. Fragrance as cherished memory. It can evoke memories of time and place. A mother’s goodnight kiss. A first romance. A walk in the rain forest. The bridal bouquet.

9. Fragrance is delicious. A delicious blend, a magic mix, a dash of this and a drop of that. An astounding variety of flowers, herbs, spices, fruits found near to hand and the four corners of the globe.

10. Fragrance can come from a votive candle, a room spray, potpourri or scent diffuser.

There are 900,990.00 other reasons. Just not enough space on this page to mention them all.

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  1. I think that perfune is a great gift for anytime of the year,I think a man /women love to smell someone that smells good all the time.

  2. OMG i absolutely love burberry its going to be a fabulous gift to whoever wins it!!!


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