Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I-Envy by KISS Premium Lashes Contest Winners Announced

Thank You to everyone who participated in our I-Envy by KISS Premium Lashes- Giveaway. As expected we got some really good feedback from the Fashion Circle. Now it's time to announce the lucky Fashion Circle winners.

Congratulations to the following:
Phenita in Juicy
Gnysegirl Aka GokiChan Aka Glo in Au Natural
chick_jay22 in Juicy
oakcliffsweety in Juicy
NaturalHoney25 in Au Natural

Phenita said...
My best feature are my lips. Females always tell me how much they envy me for my lips and men always tell me how much they'd like to kiss them.

Gnysegirl Aka GokiChan Aka Glo said...
What is the feature that causes people to envy me? Well to be honest, I have so many features that grab people's attention and evokes green eyed monsters. My my slanted eyes and plump lips... my huge ta-tas or my thick luscious hair. However, beyond those, no feature can compare to the way people tell me they love my personality and the way I think. That's the feature I'm most proud of...My creativity, my skills and my mind.

chick_jay22 said...
I would have to say my best feature are my long luxurious legs. I am 5'9 and everyone tells me i have the legs of a model. I just say i use them for

oakcliffsweety said...
I would say my best feature is my natural hair, I just recently went natural AGAIN. And I really just missed my God given hair. Its beautiful and its a reflection of who I am.

NaturalHoney25 said...
Although I have a lot of great features,I would have to say that my best feature is my eyes. First of all, it seems they the illuminate my face when I put on mascara or ANY eye makeup for that matter. They are kinda like a light brown so they are really pretty in the summer or when light hits my eyes. I love the shape of my eyes. Men tend to tell me that I have BEDROOM eyes!lol Next up is my legs. I love,love,love my legs because they are nice and smooth (no hairs) and they are not too skinny and not too big!! I love em and I always get wonderful compliments on my legs. I think they are lucious!!!! grrrrrrrr!!! lol

Claiming your prize is as easy as it was to enter. Send your full name and mailing info to to redeem your prize. Remember that there are plenty of other ongoing contest right now so enter in them all.


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