Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beauty Solution: L'Occitane Grape Exfoliating Body Bar

Grape Exfoliating Body Bar

All that I can possibly say about the benefits of exfoliating your skin at least once a week is old news. Of course, there are more pleasant ways of doing so than others and a very pleasant method of exfoliating is by using a body bar. For example Grape Exfoliating Body Bar by L'Occitane.

Ever since I first stepped inside a L'Occitane store, lured by the awesome smell that their stores always have, L’Occitane has been one of my favorite bath and body care brands. If when you exfoliate you are looking to make your skin look more polished, nourished and revitalized and sweep away any dead cells, then this bar is perfect for you. L'Occitane's Grape Exfoliating Body Bar contains apricot kernel powder, grape seed oil and organic grape juice. Grapes, specifically the red ones, are known for their anti-oxidant properties.

Whatever your skin type may be, smooth, fresh and radiant skin surface is always a plus so there’s no reason not to use what today’s beauty industry has for us.

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