Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Trick-Or-Treating Contest Winners Announced!!!

Lindt Excellence Intense Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa 3.5oz.

Thank You to everyone who participated in our Halloween Trick Or Treat Contest over the weekend. As expected we got some really good feedback from the Fashion Circle. It's time to announce the winners. So eveyone please join me in extending congradulations to the following:

Caramel Diva (A Touch of Sea Salt)

Caramel Diva wrote: I'm currently having a Halloween party at home today...I already have up video...i Would choose the touch of sea salt candy bar:)

Rayqueenbee (Chili)

Rayqueenbee Wrote: For Halloween I decided to take my daughter trick or treat for the first time at the mall. She is Lil Red from Lil Red Riding Wood. Then later in the night I am partying it away at an all inclusive mask party with the dearest friends and I'll me a Mafia Mom.

Juccii23 (70% Cocoa)

Juccii23 Wrote: I'm gonna dress my five month old up, and take some picture of her in her rabbit costume!! I love it...

Naturally Flyy (A Touch of Sea Salt)
Naturally Flyy Wrote: I will be taking my girls out trick or treating for the first time! We are all cats. I'm the mommy leopard, my oldest is a black cat and my youngest is a pink cat..Can't wait!
Claiming Your Prize:
Claiming your prizes is as easy as it was to enter. Send your full name and mailing info to to redeem your prize. Remember that there are plenty of other ongoing contest right now so enter in them all.
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Willie D


  1. Wow Thank you Fashion with Fifi, I didn't even expect to win but Thank you and also congratulations to the other winners. Your far too kind :)

  2. Wow! and I won the kind I wanted to try! I love Fashion with FiFi. I will definitely recommend


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