Thursday, November 5, 2009

KISS Those Long Salon Visits Goodbye - At Home Manicures Here We Come Contest!

Kiss everlasting French Glue-On Nails Medium, 7 Day, Regular, Unlimited 24ea.

How often is it that we go to nail salons expecting a decent manicure and pedicure only to walk away disappointed? Well, no longer do you have to waste your hard earned money or wait hours to get a French manicure and pedicure. Kiss Nails has the solution with their Everlasting French glue-on nail kit for only $5.99.

Not those 80’s nails! Everlasting French nails have a deep, rich white tip molded in so it will never chip. Once on they appear professionally done. According to national sales statistics, the classic French look is the most popular design for artificial nail wearers. Additionally, the pure white tip gives wearers the look of salon acrylics without the thickness, without an appointment and without the hefty price tag!

Kiss wearable nail length holds up against everyday tasks. The Real Short length has the patented Self Tab making application easier, without the messy glue residue on your finger tips. Everlasting Nails come in 2 lengths, Real Short practical length and Medium length for longer nail beds.

The bonded layers in the manufacturing process of this new nail create the most durable French nail ever, that won’t chip – guaranteed. Previous French nails often chipped with excessive wear and tear, but these new nails have a strong, chip-free white tip that holds like a salon acrylic application.

A more flexible fit over the natural nail bed provides greater comfort. Available in flat and regular nail arcs in 12 sizes for hands, the new flexible material makes for the most comfortable, durable fitting nail on the market today. The nail starts out very thin near the cuticle area for flexibility and gets slightly thicker toward the nail tip to provide strength where needed. You can purchase the Kiss Everlasting French nail kit for $5.99 at is giving away three Kiss Everlasting French nail kits (2 in Real Short and 1in Medium length) to 3 lucky Fashion Circle subscribers. All you have to do is tell us your monthly budget on nail care and prioritize the following (in order of importance to you): nail care, facial care, hair care.

Official Rules

1) To enter you must first be a member of the free to join "Fashion Circle" and be subscribed to Click Here: If you aren't already a free subscriber. Email subscriptions must be confirmed.

2. Next, leave a comment in this post telling us your budget for nail care. How much do you spend on your nails per month? Also, prioritize the following (in order of importance to you): nail care, facial care, hair care. Specify your length choice in the post as well. wants to know.

3) Shipping is Free to all U.S. subscribers. Foreign subscribers will have to pay for shipping.

4) Contest runs from now - Thursday, November 5, 2009, through Thursday, November 12, 2009 11:59 PM est. Winner will be announced on here on on Friday, November, 13, 2009.

5) You must be 18 years or older to enter. Under 18 will need a parent's consent.

6) Shipping to P.O. Box is fine.

7) Winner will be chosen at random from the comments left on this post by subscribers and Fashion Circle members. Enter today and bon chance!


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  1. To be honest I have not worn any nails in about 3 years. To me its hair care, facial care, and then nail care. I say nails last because I can do my own nails versus paying money for someone else to do it. I am a chick that learned how to do nails and hair at a young age so the kiss everlasting nails sound like a hit to me!

  2. I was the girl who was at the nail shop every two weeks for a fill, but after my husband lost his job several months back some cuts had to be made, So i got on youtube and started watching tutorials on gel and acrylic nails, and before I knew it, I was doing on my own nails. A full set at my nail salon would cost me $35-$40, and a fill would be $25 so you had that up two or three times a month and it gets expensive. In order of importance its nail care, hair care, then facial care. I could always do my own hair and as far as facial wise I handle that pretty good too.

  3. I only buy dollar nail polishes and paint my nails about once a week. I spend about 3 dollars a month on my nails. I havent gotten my nails done in about 2 years.
    Facial care>Hair care>Nail Care

  4. I love to wear polish but I don't allot a huge budget for it, I'd say about 5 dollars a month is enough for me.

    Facial care (acne woes)>Hair care>Nail care

    I prefer the real short ones. :)

  5. My budget for nail care is low compared to others I'm sure. I stick to painting my nails about once a week. Every so often, I'll actually do a design on them or use some nail art. My polishes cost no more than $1.99. I haven't had them professionally done since Valentine's Day. These look like they would be a nice alternative!!

    Hair Care (recently went natural)>Facial Care>Nail Care.

    I would prefer the real short ones.

  6. i use to get my nails done every two weeks until i had my son (who is 3 now) now i go MAYBE once every 6 months!

  7. My budget for nail is $0, because first I bite my nails and its a horrific habit since I was a child, that I got from my dad. I pretty much don't like to see nails on my fainger because I will bite it to the core, however, I used to wear false nails in my pre college years and love it, but since going to college and having to do some art illustration, I stopped wearing false nails and was back to my old habits.

  8. I hardly get my nails done professionally because of cost, it can get a bit expensive, especially if you want to get tips. My priority list is hair care first and foremost, facial care and then nail care. But having your nails done and looking fly is definitely that little something extra that will put you look over the top. Small nails work best for me.

  9. I don't have a budget for nail care because I don't go to the nail salon for my nails, because I don't like to pay for short nails, which I prefer.....I can grow my own and polish then myself, therefore I do my own mani and pedi.

    I prefer facial care first because I have oily/acne prone skin and I have to take care of that first, then is hair and last is nail care.

  10. I can honestly say about $5 but only for nail polish. However, occasionally i get long acrylic french tips(LOVE LOVE LOVE LONG NAILS). Since I'm in school for cosmetology i rarely get to wear them. So most of the time it's hair first, skin care then nails(only because we can't wear them :( !!!

  11. my budget is almost nonexsistant!!! i love to get my nails done but can not afford it so i get my nails done for special occasions

  12. My budget for nail care is $20 every 3-4 months. I have long natural nails so I like to polish them myself.

    Prioritize the following (in order of importance to you):

    facial care
    hair care
    nail care

    Specify your length choice: Medium/Short (Either is fine in my book)

    God Bless!

  13. My budget for nail care is $5 max. I save lots of money by painting my natural nails with polish. I make sure I use a base and top coat to protect my nails

  14. I was a girl that got her nails done faithfully every 2 weeks but now my pockets are not able to handle that so I Love these nails they are good for the price.

  15. Thanks to PhillyDiva I just started wearing kiss nails because of her recommendation. I didn't buy the everlasting kiss nails, I bought the mix match kiss nails that comes with two sets in one and they are the longer french manicure then the everlast kiss nails, but still good. But in this order is how I take care of myself. My hair first, then face then nails and far as budget for everything I do not go over twenty to thirty bucks. Actually I did not get my nails done and if I did, I only spent $18. For my face I spend $10.00 - $15.00 on drug store products and for nails, well now, $5.99 - $8.99. As far as for my nails, the shorter the better.

  16. I spend about $18 a month for nails because I am a devout Kiss nail enthusiast. I love them. I change them up about every other week and I love the different designs and lengths offered. My favorite is the Everlasting in Real Short. My do my own facials-Wash with Burt Bees Cleanser/Burt Bees Peach and Willowbark scrub and French green clay mask. My hair is natural so I mostly use Jane Carter twist/loc to two strand twist my hair. In order of importance-Nail/Hair/Face!!!!

  17. Unfortunately, I can't afford to get manicures and pedicures as often as I would like. As a starving college student sometimes its hard to even keep up with polishing my nails. I find that hair care does become my greatest priority, and nail and skin care definitely rank a close second! I probably spend close to about $5-10 when I do buy something to keep my nails looking good.


  19. at one point in time i spent 20-30 dollars ever 2 weeks on my nails.
    it got to a point where i couldnt do it anymore.

    so now i spend maybe 10 dollars a month on my nails

    polish,nail polish remove, i try to buy 2-3 colors per month.

    hair care is number one then facials,then nails

  20. I have been getting into nails and righ now I alternate between press on nails (Go Nailene or Kiss!) and Konad nail stamp art on my natural nails


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