Friday, November 6, 2009

Reality Check: Project Runway Season 6, Episode 12

Bryant Park became a reality for three designers on Project Runway last night. But, for two, it was the bittersweet end of their short-lived, reality show lives.

Tim Gunn took the designers to The J. Paul Getty Museum where they were invited to use the center as inspiration for their last design. To get the creative juices flowing, Gunn also brought out the models to serve as muses while the designers were perusing the Getty Center. From the striking architecture to the beautiful interiors and inspirational paintings, there was something for each of the designers to focus their designs on.

This was the final challenge for the five remaining designers and as the gravity of the situation set in, the tension in the studio could be cut with a knife.

Carol Hannah found a luxurious French bed from 1775 and designed a gold evening gown that the judges thought was beautifully executed but not reminiscent of the inspiration. While they all agreed that it was perhaps the most show-stopping piece on the runway, they also warned her that was playing it a bit safe.

Gordana fixated on a painting by Monet and created a dress that symbolized not only her simplistic and sophisticated design aesthetic but also her strong spirituality. As her model walked down the runway, she remarked that this was the best dress she felt she had ever made. The judges all agreed that her piece closely resembled the painting with the flowy, gorgeously draped material, but wondered if her performance would be strong enough to carry her all the way to Bryant Park.

Irina also spotted a painting, but she was interested in replicating the gauzy, sheer material that was draped over two voluptuous women. Her flowy number was beautifully crafted but she definitely missed the mark with the accessories. Her delicate dress was overshadowed by clunky shoes, heavy bangles, large earrings and a distracting headband. Once the accessories were removed, the judges all agreed the dress looked much simpler.

Christopher is the last man standing in this challenge and he knows he is the wildcard. He has always stayed true to his own visions, even at the dismay of the judges. At the Getty Center, he spotted a rocky water fountain and focused on the algae at the water’s edge, creating a dress in a slate blue-gray color. The judges felt he had chosen the wrong fabric for the dress and wondered if his lack of experience was becoming a hindrance.

Althea tried to recreate the architecture of the museum into the structure of her skirt but found that her material was much more difficult to manage than she had anticipated. Heidi Klum said she was disappointed with her and surprised to see such a messy design.

Luckily for Althea, her strong body of work was enough to save her and send her to Bryant Park along with Irina and Carol Hannah, whose designs stood out above the rest. Although Klum admitted that this was the hardest challenge to decide, the judges decided to send Christopher and Gordana home.

Next week is sure to bring a fresh dose of design drama as the designers get to make their own collections and head across the country to Bryant Park. Be sure to tune in next week to see how these three women will fair in the Big Apple!

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"

Erin Simpson

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