Thursday, September 3, 2009

5 Tips on How to Save Money on College Textbooks

They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste and so is money. Don't get suckered into purchasing textbooks at your school's bookstore. You'll find that they're usually more expensive. Here are my tips to saving chunk change this semester:

1. Think Smarter Not Harder CourseSmart Logo
You've heard of and amazon, but I've found the absolute CHEAPEST PLACE ON EARTH TO PURCHASE YOUR TEXTBOOK;! Most professors use CourseSmart. CourseSmart offers all type of textbooks - even older editions. Their prices are lower than, Ebay, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Right now, you'll save 50% on your class textbooks at And did I mention that you'll have your book faster than you can blink?! Here's how; you're actually purchasing an ebook (online PDF file). You can log on to your account and read your book. That means you can use your phone to read your textbook which makes life soo convenient! Who wants to carry around 5 lbs of Statistics? You can opt to print out a physical copy or view your textbook online. CourseSmart offers a 14 day return policy - how great is that for an online textbook?! Other features includes educational tools that'll help you understand the context and study better. You can print out copies of the chapters or chapter reviews for your friends and classmates as well (to help save them money).

2. Borrow a Book From the Professor
At most major universities, professors are given spare copies of the assigned textbook (usually to hand out to their TA's or students). If your textbook won't be delivered in time for your first test or if you just don't have money to purchase one, ask your professor if he/ she has a spare textbook that you can borrow for this semester.

3. Borrow a Book From the College
Just like what was mentioned above, most major universities offer books on standby to individual colleges so that students can borrow for the semester. Oftentimes, books are limited and given on a first come first serve bases and must be returned back to the college prior to taking your finals. Another option the school may offer is having a textbook on standby, available for you to read only at your school's library for a specified period of time. Contact your school's Student Activity Office to inquire if they offer either program.

4. Go Half & Half
Simply put; find a study partner and split the cost of the textbook half and half. The only down side to this is sharing a book but you two can work out the scheduling.

5. Shop Around the Local Schools' or Community College's Bookstore
Go to a local school's bookstore and compare prices. Usually schools that are closer in proximity offer similar textbooks at competitive prices which will work out for you most times.

Remember to use your school's bookstore as your last resort and make CourseSmart your first. Good luck this semester!

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