Friday, September 18, 2009

Mary J Blige and Gucci Parties with a Purpose

R & B super star Mary J Blige celebrated with Gucci, on Wednesday, for selfless reasons other than shopping. The major shopping fete took place at Gucci’s Fifth Avenue flagship store to benefit FFAWN (the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now), which is an organization designed to provide a network of support, allowing women to become confident and informed throughout all aspects of their lives.

Here are some of the celebrities who came out in support:

I have one word for Serena Williams: FIERCE!

Alina Cho and John Demsey

Mark Ronson looked sexy in black

Lebron James would agree that his fiance' Savannah Brinson looked absolutely stunning!

Donald Trump made an appearance

Estelle looked classy but I can't say the same for her facial expression

“What are the biggest issues facing women today? “Insecurities due to lack of education and insecurities due to lack of self-love and confidence,” she said. “Anytime you abuse drugs and alcohol, that stems from your childhood. It creates this ball of insecurity. It turns into an inferiority complex and you end up believing that you’re nothing.”

“Well, shopping at Gucci because you want the clothes to dress in, and it makes you feel good externally, that’s one thing,” Blige said. “But if you feel good about yourself already and you’re shopping at Gucci, that’s better. That’s everything. If you deal with your issues and then buy a coat, wooeee!”

There’s nothing like partying and shopping for a good cause!

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"


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