Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grand Opening of Hair Rules Salon

Do you suffer from an unruly tangle of kinky, curly or wavy hair? Well, fret no more because celebrity hairstylist, Anthony Dickey, and former supermodel, Kara Young Georgiopolous, have set out to redefine the rules governing multi-textual hair care with Hair Rules, their new line of products, and a salon, also by the same name.

Last night, Fashion With Fifi, along with friends, family, and devoted customers, attended the grand opening of the Hair Rules salon, located at 828 Ninth Avenue (between 54 and 55th streets), to celebrate the success of these experienced hair mavens.

“We take a different approach to hair care,” said Dickey. “We want people to realize that you do not need to add so many products to your hair.”

Dickey, who has styled the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama and Alicia Keys, understands that women with textured hair face a huge challenge when taming their manes. Georgiopolous, who has appeared in the pages of Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, met Dickey in 1992 when asked by photographers and stylists that she come to photo shoots with her hair already styled.

Dickey encouraged Georgiopolous to embrace her natural texture and eventually helped her restore her hair to its natural health and beauty.

“When I used to get my hair lightened, I would lock myself in the bathroom so the color would stay in longer and make my hair even lighter,” she said. Even though she was wreaking havoc on her hair, Georgiopolous said she did not care, as long as she got the look she desired.

As more and more people arrive for the salon’s grand opening event, it is clear that everyone attending has learned to embrace his or her hair’s natural texture. Heads of kinky, curly and wavy hair alike bobbed to the beat of cool, instrumental music and everyone mingled over glasses of wine and plates of appetizers.

The salon, which reflects Dickey and Georgiopolous’s love of the 70’s, is a long, contemporary room with clean, white walls behind a row of salon chairs and contrasting faux wood paneling along the back of the room. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows at the front of the second story salon offer a scenic view of Ninth Avenue and add a dose of natural light to the room.

Singer-songwriter Kelis best known for her hit single, “Milkshake”, made an appearance along with rapper Nas; showing their support for the innovative team and their outstanding products. Other big names in attendance included Russell Simmons, Estelle and Erica Reid.

Dickey says that Hair Rules appeals to people of all hair types and is not just a marketing ploy to get people to buy the products. He only uses ingredients that he says will leave your hair healthier.

As a testament to their product’s excellence, each guest took home their own bottle of Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream, a no suds shampoo for all hair types.

There was a tangible excitement in the room as people of all hair types expressed their enthusiasm for these two co-founders and their creative energies.

From her successful career and personal experiences, Georgiopolous offered her words of wisdom to women of multi-textured hair. “You do not need to follow trends, but wear your hair the way you want to. And do not burn the shit out of your hair.”

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