Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Look Book: Follow Me To The Dance Floor

Proving once again that "Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration", Venerable online retailer Modcloth.com has introduced this fun new look they're calling "Dance Floor". This is just what the doctor ordered for the girl looking for a chic alternative to boring party dresses. The model in this picture is a "Natural Beauty" and she looks like she's ready to show up in style to Rochelle's "Natural Diva Gathering".

The first step in achieving this look is the Vintage: Wingardium Leviosa Top. Cast a style spell on all who pass by admiring your fashion sense in this lighter than air shirt that can be slipped over just about any outfit to tone down a bright ensemble, or add additional layers of sleek sultry drape. Three-quarter sleeved, slightly sheer and chic, this cover will prepare you for "rolling" in compliments when asked where you got such a versatile wardrobe staple!

This super versatile Best Friend Cotton Tank in Cerulean will be your BFF all year round! With delicate ribbing and a subtle stretch, you'll be able to pair it with everything from a flowing skirt skirt to skinny jeans. Or, simply throw over your bikini with your favorite cut-offs! On those chilly summer evenings, layer this staple under a low-cut blouse and throw a cardigan over it for fall looks.

You'll look and feel like a fairytale princess in this elegant Curtsy Skirt in Snow White. From the dainty lace overlay to its delicately etched hem, every inch of this ivory skirt is prim, proper and unique. The gusseted design is perfect for practicing your curtsies, spinning circles and whistling while you get ready for the ball.

Bifurcated along the sides into two different colors, these Flipside Tights in Opposites are funky, fun and stylish. Seen from the front, they appear completely black, but when viewed from behind, they seem purely white, thus creating a slimming effect upon the legs. Wear with a patterned dress, thick belt, and an arm full of bangles for a look that will have every indivi-dual intrigued. Also awesome worn with white in front and black in back for a totally different look!

Desperately seeking retro style? This sleek metallic Desperately Seeking Fringe Purse has you covered. With gold, silver and bronze cascading fringe covering vegan-friendly faux black leather, interior pocket detail and a genius adjustable strap, this purse will satisfy all of your material girl needs!

Because it would be a shame to waste such a fun outfit with plain ol' pumps, take fashion by the horns and send your style to another level with these monstrously magnificent Mardi Gras purple peep toes. With a heel sturdy enough to let you dance around and a look sharp enough to get you a job in a rock and roll band, these textured, vegan-friendly heels are sure to be a smash hit.

All you need to do now is add the bling. Wear this outfit with your favorite necklaces and bracelets to add some extra flare to an already outrageously awesome look. Make up and fragrances are equally important so refer to our Beauty Solutions and Fragrances pages for inspiration.
"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"
Willie D

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