Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Product Review: Illamasqua Lips

I promised to continue my review on Illamasqua's cosmetics so here I am once again; this time their lip products. I sampled two lipsticks (in Sonnet and Scandal) and a Sheer lip gloss in Enchant.

Let's begin with Sonnet; a peachy beige color - exactly what people refer to as a nude. Ideal to wear with dramatic eye makeup, an awesome black or gunmetal smoky eye look. The finished result is between matte and satin. I’m guessing that Illamasqua wanted to make a matte lipstick; however, since matte lipsticks are so dry on your lips they decided to add more moisturizing ingredients. That, of course, results in a “hybrid” finish, not that its really noticeable once applied. This particular formula glides well over the lips and works nicely with lipgloss. Its not drying and bears a good staying power. Many of you may be asking how comparable is it to MAC and if you’re speaking quality; I’d say that they are pretty much close, except Illamasqua’s lipsticks don’t have that strong vanilla cookie smell.

Scandal is a true in-your-face hot pink. Even a more sheer application of it will result in an undeniable hot pink shade. I can’t see any undertones to it, neither cool or warm so I say that it would go well with most skin tones. Sometimes lipsticks that are super pigmented (such as this one) tend to be a bit difficult to apply and feel dry because, after all, the pigment itself is a powder. This doesn’t happen, what so ever, with this lipstick as the pigmentation is great but the overall feel is exactly that of a good lip balm. The finish is satin and the staying power is as good as Sonnet’s.

The reason I don't feature high-end lipglosses often is because they are just… lipglosses. Lipglosses are one of those things that you can get pretty much everywhere and they are all pretty much the same; however, I really have to rave about the Sheer Lipgloss Enchant. Although Enchant may be just another lipgloss, it smells sweet and what’s more, it tastes sweet. I have a ton of lipglosses that smell really good but don’t really taste like they smell. This one does and if you happen to kiss someone who has a sweet tooth while wearing it, that person will most likely be hooked. The color is a sheer peachy brick with a lot of shine minus the stickiness that bothers us all. The packaging is really awesome and original. You can carry it around in your purse and even if you happen to squeeze it accidentally, it won’t ooze out like common tube lipglosses do. Though I keep saying lipglosses are just lipglosses, I love Illamasqua’s Enchant and may purchase more colors.

I rated Illamasqua’s blush an outstanding 10 out of 10 and I will do the same regarding their lipglosses. As for the lipsticks, I’ll be giving them a 9.95 out of 10, so just that they don’t compete with the lipglosses!

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  1. I have to say that you always write gr8t reviews. keep them coming along :)


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