Friday, September 4, 2009

Reality Check: Project Runway, Season 6, Episode 3

On Thursday night's episode of Project Runway Mitchell proved that sometimes the third time isn't always the charm. For the third week in a row Mitchell found himself in the bottom two after, yet another mediocre performance.

This week Klum divided the cast into teams of two and challenged them to create a functional and chic surfer outfit and a second, avant garde look. In theory, it seemed like a relatively simple challenge. But no two creative minds think alike and this challenge was no exception. While some pairs seemed to be a match made in heaven, the bulk of the this week's drama came from mismatched pair Mitchell and Ra'Mon.

Mitchell, who was named team leader, lacked in focus and concentration, and quickly forced a frustrated Ra'Mon to take the lead. Ra'Mon managed to carry the team by creating a gorgeous, sea-toned dress inspired by a stray piece of seaweed at the beach and a hand-dyed batik. Klum was less than impressed when Mitchell admitted that Ra'Mon did most of the work. For the first time in Project Runway history, Ra'Mon was named the challenge winner while his partner, Mitchell, was sent packing.

These two weren't the only personalities that clashed. Qristyl, the team leader, picked Epperson as her companion because she admired his talent and creativity but quickly became irritated by his dominant nature. In the end, their inability to work together was almost enough to send them home.

The always stylish Californian, Rachel Bilson, was this week's guest judge, offering her opinion and critique of the surf-inspired looks. Max Azria also took a seat on the judging panel but where did Michael Kors go?? Will he be coming back?? Guess we have to wait (impatiently) until next week!

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"

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