Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekend Shoegasm- Blossom Shoe in Purple

Our shoes are an ever-present part of our lives and tell a lot about us. Sadly now as we say our last goodbyes to summer and head back to school or work, the one true constant for us all is the desire for great shoes. Work appropriate shoes are sometimes very tricky: we don’t want to look overly sexy and develop foot ailments from those over the top heels, but it’s not like we want to look kiddy or doughy either in mall rat looking flats. A good solution for these types of dilemas is the Blossom Shoe - Purple

They look classic but not overly dated. A purple leather upper is detailed with black patent pieces that go for a more tailored, luxurious look that is exactly what you want to show off your sense of style and professionalism without looking too masculine and giving up on comfort. The mini heel is there to provide elegance and also take care of your back since experts say that you should have a heel that’s between ½ and 1 ½ inch for your back’s sake. Pair with a big, structured patent (fake or real) leather bag and you’re ready to go. This shoe sells for $46.79 on

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