Monday, September 21, 2009

Heartbreaker - You've Got the Best of Me

Paraben-free mineral makeup always makes my day, any day. This is the reason why I’m presenting to you Heartbreaker Cosmetics.

The shades are really awesome and the quality is unbeatable, but my spotlight goes to their amazing customer service. You can tell they take time to read your emails and answer to the best of their ability. They’re always nice and super fast answering any of your queries and they’re very professional - just the way it always should be.

Because their eyeshadows are silica free, they may seem a bit difficult to work with at first; especially if you’re not accustomed to using mineral makeup. However, because these eyeshadows are so insanely pigmented (in the best possible way, of course), you’ll quickly get used to working with them and they’ll deliver awesome results. All the collections and shade names have the funniest love-related names. Samples are sold at $1. When I received my 21 samples, I first thought there wasn’t much in the little bag. However, due to the pigmentation with most shades, you barely need to touch them to get enough color for both eyes (or cheeks) - so they’ll last you a long time.

Now, onto the good stuff: my favorite shades!

French Kiss is a butter cream shimmery shade that’s the best highlighter ever. It will flatter any eye color, skin color, and makeup shade. A light wash of this eyeshadow, brown, black or navy eyeliner and mascara and you’re out the door if you need to. Use it only in the inner corner and your eyes will look wide and alive.

Intrigue is a color best described as a “soft black/blue/green.” I admire anyone who can describe this color in one word, because I know I can’t. When used dry, it gives a wash of blue green, but when wet, it will appear intensely blue and green. An awesome lid color for a smoky eye with a twist or even a rocker-chick look.

If you have light or hazel eyes you should absolutely never pass on Better Off, a lovely matte shade. Heartbreaker Cosmetics says it’s a plum color and it is; however, I’d describe it as a red based purple that will ransform into a really intriguing and flattering color when applied wet or dry. I love it and it’s an absolute must have.

Seductris is supposed to be a liner but seriously, it’s the prettiest blue eyeshadow ever! The photo doesn’t do it any justice. When used dry, it is a very pretty medium blue with a hint of silver. When used wet it’s the most awesome metallic steel blue. I’m really impressed with this color - not to mention that I received a lot of compliments when I wore it.

Charmers are “glows”, which are highly shimery powders that you use all over. It will most definitely make you look like you're glowing from within. My favorite is Afterglow, which is a pinkish gold that will flatter most skin tones. Use it as a cheekbone highlighter, collar bone highlighter or mixed with your blush.

Use the eyeshadows with a nice creamy base and a super light hand and I’m absolutely sure
you’ll love Heartbreaker's products as much as I do. Remember, you can purchase small samples if you'd like try them out first. A kit of 20 eyeshadows will run you $18 which isn't bad considering the quality.

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