Friday, September 18, 2009

Reality Check: Project Runway, Season 6, Episode 5

Finally, the designers of Project Runway were given a challenge that was truly puzzling. After being led to the LA Times' headquarters, the designers were told that they had to create a look completely out of newspaper. The inspiration came from the first paper dress, which was made in 1968, and the designers had to come up with their own unique perspective.

In three minutes, the cast furiously stuffed stacks of newspapers into trash bags and tried to visualize what they would create. Back in the studio, most designers were admittedly perplexed.

Christopher wanted to win over the judges this week by making a showstopping dress with lots of 'wow' factor. And he managed to do just that by creating a solid bodice and a voluminous, flowing skirt out of shredded newspaper that, incredibly, resembled feathers.

Althea, who had immunity this week, was inspired by the architecture of buildings and decided to use the newspaper to make a stunning pattern across the dress. Her dress was exquisitely made and hugged the model's curves perfectly, striking a perfect chord with the judges.

But Irina came to the forefront after remaining under the competition's radar the past few weeks with her Chanel-esque trench coat. The coat was beautifully constructed and included innovative detailing, like the collar and cuffs that were made of scrunched newspaper. The judges were all in agreement and named her the challenge winner.

Now for the episode's juicy drama! Johnny crumbled under the pressure, yet again, scrapping his original dress after Tim Gunn told him it looked like a kindergartener's mess. But, when his model came in for a fitting, he lied and told her that the steamer sprayed water all over the dress and ruined it. He stuck to his story, telling everyone, even the judges, that the steamer was the reason for the dress's disappearance. Too bad there were 11 other designers and a camera crew present to witness the actual truth. Unfortunately, his second attempt looked sloppy and lacked originality and creativity.

Nicolas, who thought his 90's punk rock throwback was going to be a hit, took every opportunity to trash his fellow opponent, Johnny. He even went so far as to call Johnny out on his lie in front of Heidi Klum and the judges, telling them all that the original dress was awful.

But karma always comes back around, and this week, Nicolas found himself in the bottom two, right next to Johnny. It was a close call, but the judges ultimately decided to eliminate Johnny. Maybe next time Nicolas will think twice before opening his mouth in front of the cameras....

The competition is getting fierce; let's stay tuned and see who will be auf'd next week!

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