Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reality Check: Project Runway Season 6, Episode 6

At 10:58 last night, I was stopped dead in my tracks. Heidi and her entourage had made their final decision and decided to eliminate Ra'Mon. I was absolutely stunned! This was exactly the kind of upset that Project Runway needed to get fans sitting up straighter in their seats. It definitely worked for me!

This week, the designers chose from five different movie genres and their challenge was to create a character within that genre and design a costume for it. And, just to raise the stakes a little higher, the designers were only given one day to complete the challenge. This challenge truly tested each designer's time management skills and their ability to think creatively under an extremely tight deadline.

After Ra'Mon created the beautifully flowy dress that resembled seaweed, with the accompanying avante garde batik a few weeks ago, I was so suprised to see him leave after only one failed attempt. But, in the end, the judges felt his lime green Sci-Fi inspired ensemble looked more like a messy swamp monster.

Instead, the judges allowed Louise to stay for one more week, even though she had never been a challenge winner and, this week, made a disappointing dress that looked way too boring for the Film Noir genre it was supposed to represent.

On a more exciting note, this week also showcased some showstopping numbers by Christopher, Epperson and Nicolas. Epperson had to create a Western costume, a genre he was not thrilled with, but he made the best of his situation with a gorgeously ruffled denim dress that perfectly blurred the lines between contemporary chic and seasoned saloon girl.

Christopher chose to work in a Period genre and decided to create a dress for a vampire bride that was equal parts costume couture and runway ready.

But the winner of this week's challenge was Nicolas with his fantastical interpretation of an ice queen. His white dress, with its interestingly feathered neckline, was praised by the judges for its beautiful shape and amazing on-stage presence.

I loved this week because it presented a number of upsets and kept me on my toes. I mean, who would have thought that Nicolas would be named the challenge winner and Ra'Mon would be sent home?? Definitely not me! I hope next week throws me for another delightful loop!

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