Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beauty Solution: Ardell Eye Lashes Starter Kit #101

It’s not like we’re born knowing how to apply false eyelashes and sometimes, even the people who are used to them have trouble applying them. If it sounds like I'm preaching to the quire then this Beauty Solution is for you.

Ardell is one of the most known brands when it comes to false eyelashes and they have a huge variety. One of their best products, if you ask me, is the Ardell Eye Lashes Starter Kit #101. It comes with the eyelashes (obviously), the glue and even a little applicator. You’ll only need to provide small scissors.

First, peel the lashes from their package carefully. Then, without any glue, measure them – put them close to your natural lash line and see if you need to cut them to fit your eyes. If you need to cut them, be sure to cut from the inner corner, unless there is some embellishment on that area, of course. Then, apply a little strip of glue along the band, shake them for about 30 seconds, and while looking down to a mirror, place them where you want them. Finally, open your eyes to make sure you didn’t glue your eyelids shut. Let them dry completely, touch up the eyeliner if you need to and then apply mascara to blend your lashes with the false ones if you want to. It takes practice so don’t give up if the fist try didn’t go as planned.

These Ardell lashes are re-usable so you’ll have plenty of material to practice with before you move on to the more expensive, fancy eyelashes. Have fun!

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