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Protect Your Neck With DECLÉOR Contest

Decleor Instant Radiance Moisturizer

We're constantly reminded to moisturize our face. Moisturize our elbows, knees and toes but what about our neck? Caring for your neck is as equally important as it is to care for your face. In most cases, the first sign of aging appears on your neck and décolleté area - usually by appearing dark, dried, wrinkled, lined and slope-like.

Failing to care for your neck and décolleté will result in dryness and inelasticity. This early aging process is also exaggerated by the use of harsh alkaline products that are commonly found in soaps. It’s recommended that women should maintain a skincare regimen, particularly for the neck area, as early as possible. But you can’t use just any moisturizer – not all work alike. You should use a moisturizer that will protect your neck and vitalize your skin.

An expert in cosmetic aromatherapy, DECLÉOR's instant radiance moisturizer allows you to be in harmony with yourself and your environment, revealing the natural expression of your beauty and giving you radiant skin.

DECLÉOR offers a unique beauty regime created from the rigorous selection of natural ingredients, careful proportioning and exclusive blends of active concentrates, resulting in effective and sense-enhancing daily care routines. These concentrated solutions of regenerating energy, containing active essential oils, have been specially formulated to ensure optimum affinity with your skin.

DECLÉOR's instant radiance moisturizer immediately stimulates and reactivates the skin's natural functions for a complexion that's smooth, luminous, and full of vitality. And to top it off, this instant radiance moisturizer is lightweight, absorbs quickly, intensive, evens out even the most uneven skin tone and gives the skin a nice luminous glow. It features pearly micro-particles that brightens up the face for all day glow.

At well deserved $56, you’ll absolutely love what this moisturizer will do for your skin tone - giving it a nice glow and working wonders for your face and neck.

Decleor Instant Radiance Moisturizer

The Contest: is giving away DECLÉOR's instant radiance moisturizer 1.69 fl. oz bottle to one lucky Fashion Circle follower (valued at $56)! All you have to do is leave a comment telling us your age and whether or not you're taking steps to prevent the aging process. If so, what you are doing to prevent early aging and what products are you using? How important are anti-aging products are to you? We'd like to know.

Official Rules:

1) To enter you must first be a member of the free to join "Fashion Circle" and be subscribed to Click Here: If you aren't already a free subscriber. Email subscriptions must be confirmed.

2. Next, leave a comment in this post telling us your age and whether or not you're taking steps to prevent the aging process. If so, what you are doing to prevent early aging and what products are you using? How important are anti-aging products are to you? wants to know.

3) Shipping is Free to all U.S. subscribers. Foreign subscribers will have to pay for shipping.

4) Contest runs from now - Friday, November 6, 2009, through Monday, November 13, 2009 11:59 PM est. Winner will be announced on here on on Saturday, November, 14, 2009.

5) You must be 18 years or older to enter. Under 18 will need a parent's consent.

6) Shipping to P.O. Box is fine.

7) Winner will be chosen at random from the comments left on this post by subscribers and Fashion Circle members. Enter today and good luck!

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  1. I am 25, and I don't necessarily use anti-aging products, but I do use certain things to keep my skin fresh, rejuvinated, and young looking. I love Cetaphil, very mild face wash for my VERY sensitive skin, and I moisturize every morning with Lubriderm Advanced Therary Moisturizing Lotion...these things are my BEST FRIENDS =)

  2. I'm 24 years old (will be 25 this coming Thursday...YAY!) Daily I am sure to, as Diddy would say, moisturize my situation. My mom had taught me at an early age, how vital it was to take care of your body in all aspects by drinking water, exercising, eating healthy, taking vitamins, and to always moisturize. I don't think anti-aging products are necessary if you take the proper steps to FULLY take care of your body. On my face and neck I use a Neutrogena Daily Cleanser, moisturizer (which I mix with Bio Oil at night), and occasionally a facial scrub. Once a week I do a gel peel which cleans deep into the layers of your skin (not just whats on top). Once a week I also do a body scrub and depending on the season I use different things to moisturize my body.

  3. I am 28 years old and honestly have to say that I am really bad with moisturizing my skin. I rarely use lotion. I use it when I feel extremely dry, but other than that there are to prevent early aging. I know this is something I need to work on, especially the older I get.

  4. I’m 28 yrs old. I do have a skin care regime but it’s very basic and geared at preventing pimples and scares instead of anti-aging. I am not picky w a cleanser any one works it’s usually also for exfoliation. I skip the toner and then I use shea butter as moisturizer. I always go up on my face instead of down. And at times I will treat my face to a brown sugar and olive oil exfoliating treatment (once to three times a year). Didn’t pay much attn to my neck up until one month ago.

  5. I am 24 years old. I do not "anti-aging" specific products. I use sun screen and lots of moisturizer. I use African Black Soap as a cleanser & Stridex as an astringent. I also use Neutregena Nighttime mask. For moisturizing, I use Shea butter or cetaphil depending on what is within my reach. I have also found that working out and drinking plenty of water is very important. Most importantly keeping down the amount of stress has decreased the number of break-outs.

  6. I am 19 years old and to tell the truth, I only lotion when I'm about to go somewhere. Or if I wear pants or sneakers, I dont even bother to lotion the lower half of my body. If only my hands are showing, my hands would be the only thing to have contact with lotion. I always moisturize my face, though.

  7. I am 24 years old and do not necessarily search for or use anti-aging products. I do believe in keeping your situation P. Diddy would say. The face moisterizer that I have used for about 5 years now is the Ponds moisterizer. It definitely keeps my face hydrated and smooth in the winter time.

  8. I am 36 years old and even though I am told I look no older than 23 I do fight the aging prcocess everyday. I try to eat lots of green vegetables and drinks lots of water everyday because I am a firm believer that great skin starts from the inside. I also believe that we can help mother nature out by keeping the skin hydrated and protected. To hydrate my skin I use MAC's Studio Moisture Cream with passion fruit, spinach leaf, green tea, algae, wheat germ and coconut which promotes healthy firm skin. To help protect my skin I can not live without my Z-SILC sunblock SPF50. This product helps guard against sun damage (great at keeping even skin tone). On my body I use a combination of raw unrefined shea butter and extra virgin olive oil this keeps the skin soft like butter and helps ease the appearance of stretch marks.

  9. I am 20 and i dont really take any step but i have notice my skin is getting dry and it takes a little longer for new skin to grow so i wash and moisturized with anby


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