Friday, November 6, 2009

Hand Bags: Moschino J41590 Hobo Shopper is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to browse and shop. Like many women I'm a Handbag Freak. I love bags. I love them so much, my closet has enough handbags to open a boutique store. Many of my indulgences including this beautiful Moschino handbag J41590 Bag in cream have come from The first time I layed eyes on this bag it was selling for a fitting $599. However, even to bag geeks like myself $599 seemed a little out of my reach. So I did what every good Fashion Circle Follower would do and waited. Much to my delight it paid off when I saw that Dellmoda was having a huge sale and marked this bag 67% Off, dropping the price down to a manageble $195. I express shipped it and now I have it. It's more beautiful in person than it is in pictures. I am not sure when or where I will wear it to yet, but I'm sure It will be a hit. This Moschino Hobo Shopper is a fine quality Italian handbag made with soft micro fiber and patent leather trimmings and handle. It has the functionality of a Snap open design that opens into three fully lined inner cavities with zippered inside pockets. The Silver metals with Moschino name on the back side scream Italian. The Hobo Shopper is surprisingly roomy measuring an ample 10”W x 7”H x 4"D. No Coupon codes necessary to take advantage of the sale and shipping will be free. There is a Pink Variant, and the slightly different J41570 in Cream available; see picures below. Click Here to browse all other pictures.

Moschino handbag J41570 pink (MOS15)Moschino handbag J41570 cream (MOS14)Moschino handbag J41590 cream (MOS12)

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