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Essie - Polishes That Never Fail To Impress

I have always been a huge fan of Essie nail polishes. You always know to expect high quality nail polishes in trendy innovative colors. That kind of product reliability is irresistible to me and has made me a loyal patron of these polishes. So when I got to try out an eclectic mix of new colors by the essie brand, needless to say, I was pretty excited!

First, I tried out an electric orange and a neon pink. When I first saw these brightly colored bottles, I was intrigued. And then, when I applied it and let my nails dry, I was shocked by the matte finish. It is so surprising and unexpected with such bold colors—in a good way!

Bright Tights’ is an amazing orange color that will add a pop of fun color where you least expect it. Since it has a matte finish, the color is a little more muted than it appears in the bottle. The consistency is a little bit thin, so I applied three thin coats to get a bright orange without any streaks. I absolutely loved how the matte finish looks when it dried!

Pink Parka’ is a neon pink polish whose matte finish makes it so interesting to look at! In the bottle, it looks like a shiny, Barbie-pink polish, but when it dries, the matte finish adds a whole new level of sophistication. The formula was a bit thin and took a bit of concentration in order to eliminate streaks and get an even, consistent finish. I applied three thin coats of this color as well and just adored the results!

Mink Muffs’ reminds me more of an exfoliating mud mask than an exotic fur. The rich, dark brown color is a nice alternative to the usual blacks, purples, and blues. Just two coats gave me a perfectly smooth, opaque finish that looks very professional. I personally love mixing black with brown accents, so I can see this color being the perfect accent to your favorite little black dress.

Chinchilly’ might perhaps be my newest obsession of the season. I have been craving a gray nail polish that strikes the impossible balance between too dark and too light. And I found exactly that with ‘Chinchilly’! I love that the color has a slight green tint to it, making it a little more interesting than the more traditional gray polishes. After two coats, I got a beautiful opaque gray that is so reminiscent of preppy Catholic school uniforms.

'Midnight Cami’ is the inkiest of navy blues that I have ever come across! I could have stopped with one coat, that’s how dark the polish is! The polish applied really well and I even found the thicker consistency easier to apply and avoid my cuticles. However, you will definitely need to use a base coat because the polish stained both my nails and cuticles an unsightly blue when I removed it. Other than that, this color is a great alternative to black polish!

essie nail polishes are available in a plethora of colors, which you can examine at your leisure here. Each bottle is $8.00 and is available either online or in select salons as listed on their site. Product Review (Free Shipping)

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    I found it hard to find the right color I want for my nail so I often decided to mix it myself >.< BTW love the mink muffs, I want that color for my nails.....

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