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Beauty Solutions: How to Buy Anti-Aging Eye Treatments

Murad Lighten and Brighten Eye Treatment

Your eyes are the first spot you're likely to notice the signs of aging, such as crow's feet and crinkles at the corners, well ahead of the rest of your face. They also reveal what kind of night you had, via dark circles and puffiness (a few mojitos and not quite six hours of sleep, maybe?). That's why an eye cream is the iphone of skincare-you can't live without it, no matter how much you've been trying to avoid it. Once you start using one and see the results (in the form of brighter, perkier, firmer skin) then you'll never, ever want to give it up. Follow this primer to finding the right eye treatment, and pretty soon, you'll see the light.

GOAL: Look at your eyes closely, and assess what you'd like to accomplish: Are your eyes puffy? Do you have raccoon eyes even when you get a good night sleep? Do you notice crow's feet and lines underneath your eye? Or is the skin around your eye always dry? Once you determine what your eye gripe is, you can choose a formula that works to remedy it.

TYPE: Most eye creams are divided into two categories: preventative or treatment. A preventative cream will moisturize the delicate area around your eyes to stop creases from forming and will protect your skin with SPF. A treatment cream, gel or serum will work on improving the condition and look of your eye area, getting to the root of problem (lines, circles, puffiness) to make your eyes look brighter and younger. A few eye creams are one size fits all-they combine preventative ingredients with treatment, so you get the most bang for your buck.

RESULTS: It will take time to see results from an eye treatment, and they vary depending on the percentage of active ingredients and the formulas. You won't be able to solve all your eye problems with a topical cream, but you can make them less noticeable. Here's what you can expect: reduced appearance of fine lines and a well-rested look, even with less than eight hours of sleep

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